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Ibiza Mega Yachts

Have you ever been down to Ibiza harbour and gazed with awe

Have you ever been down to Ibiza harbour and gazed with awe at the enormous megaboats parked up there and wondered if their megabucks owners are really happy?
The last few days have seen about 5 football pitches worth of floating gin palace moored by the harbour's market stalls. Four of the world's biggest super yachts called into Ibiza on their cruises round the Mediterranean.
The Savarona, constructed in 1938 for the granddaughter of the man who built the Brooklyn Bridge, and once the state yacht of Turkey under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, now is used for luxury private cruises.
The Turama, built in 1990 and the most modern of the four, is 116 metres long and carries its 54 passengers and their 15 staff in abject luxury with a crew of 60 to make sure everyone's OK.

The Lady Moura

The SS Delphine is one of the largest steam powered yachts still afloat and was built in 1921 for Horace Dodge of motor manufacturing fame. The yacht was used as a warship in WWII but now carries its privileged passengers in a style and elegance harking back to the Roaring 20's.

Al Diriyah has had some really famous owners. Charles Revlon, the make-up magnate, Sheik Ahmed Yamani who we all loved to hate for putting up petrol prices four fold in 1973, and the Saudi Arabian who later owned the Lady Moura – which now belongs to his ex-wife courtesy of a great divorce settlement.
Well, are they really happy?

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