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A Weekend in San Jose, Ibiza

The weekend sees a flurry of activity in Ibiza's mountain village of San Jose

The weekend sees a flurry of activity in Ibiza's mountain village of San Jose. Saturday night (26th) at 8pm sees a grand charity concert in the lovely garden setting of the Raco Verd bar. 'Chicos de Ibiza' is the brainchild of local musician and football trainer Esteban Cabezos who realised the musical potential of his international brigade of young footy players. The kids, many of whom haven't yet hit the big one-oh, have produced a CD featuring their own compositions – rap, house, blues – and are giving a percentage of the proceeds to help orphans in Cambodia. We'll be there, will you?

On Sunday a triumph of organisation has thrown together two extremely popular events in the village. The Festival of San Isidro is taking place concurrently with the local elections. San Isidro is a real country affair with loads of sheep and goats on display for those in the know who can actually tell them apart. It culminates with a big parade of horse drawn carts decked up to the nines and is an interesting look into the agricultural heritage of the village.

Finally we can't wait to see the back of the election which has dominated local papers for months and has been one of the dirtiest campaigns in living memory. So much mud has been slung, names been called, accusations been made and dirt dished that it's difficult to know who's made what promise of what they'll do if elected. May the best man win!

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