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San Jose Street Exhibition

Here in Ibiza there's a constant stream of exhibitions of art, sculpture

Here in Ibiza there's a constant stream of exhibitions of art, sculpture and photography. On this very day local paper Diario de Ibiza has more than 20 exhibitions in bars, restaurants and galleries all over the island in its Cultural Agenda.

However, perhaps the most unusual of all these is a display which has just opened in sleepy mountain village, San José. It tells the history of the Las Salinas salt pans, which are situated at the southern end of the borough, and the display panels are actually flat on the floor of the main street, Pere Escanelles.
Punters can come and gaze on the photos, paintings and stories (sorry,only in Spanish and Catalan) by day or night when the panels are illuminated. Lucky town hall staff will now have something interesting to look at for the next two months as they gaze out of the windows waiting for the next coffee break.

As you probably know, salt has been produced down at Las Salinas using pretty much the same method of evaporation and crystallisation for thousands of years. The salt mad Phoenicians introduced the method with great foresight in the days before the Great British Chip had been invented and salt was used for paying Roman soldiers. Nowadays the salt produced in Ibiza is used to grit icy Scottish roads on cold July nights and finds its way back to Ibiza as one of the ingredients in Bacalao – salt cod!

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