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Ibiza Airport's New Buses

The opening of San Antonio's new super modern bus station

The opening of San Antonio's new super modern bus station was the venue chosen by the authorities to announce a couple of new bus routes for Ibiza. At long last the airport will have direct links to Ibiza's main tourist resorts of San Antonio (via San Jose) and Es Cana via Santa Eulalia.
The new services will commence on June 15th and will operate until September on a trial basis. Each route will have seven buses per day though as yet we have no timetable or prices for the service.
It seems unbelievable that an island which relies on tourism as its main source of income has taken so long to provide public transport to where the tourists want to stay. We have a sneaking feeling that taxi drivers at the airport who hitherto have had a captive audience of stranded travellers will be lying in front of the new buses to prevent them moving – just as they did when the all night 'Discobus' was introduced some years ago.
As we mentioned earlier, San Antonio's new bus station is now officially open for business. That should please the Mayor, whose office looks down on the old bus station by the ferry port. No more diesel engines revving and belching fumes all day for him!

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