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Sea Stories from Ibiza

A recent survey of the seas between Ibiza and Denia

A recent survey of the seas between Ibiza and Denia has revealed that the temperature of the water is increasing rapidly. Scientists of the Spanish Oceanographic Institute spent 12 days on a specially equipped vessel measuring water temperatures, salinity and pressure.

The findings of the survey help them to connect changes in the seas to climatic conditions – for example the change in temperature may have some connection to the length of spring becoming shorter each year?

Meanwhile there were findings of a different kind in the 5th annual clean up of San Antonio's sea bottom. Fifty volunteers – among them members of several diving clubs – found the usual plethora of junk on the sea bed.

The usual finds of bottles, glasses, tyres, dubloons, kitchen knives, and car batteries was supplemented by a couple of motor scooters, one of which still had gas in the tank.
A spokesman for the volunteers said that it is an embarrassment that Davy Jones' locker was such an underwater pigsty! At least the sea has a lovely clean bottom now for all the passengers on the glass bottom boat trips from San Antonio this summer.