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Changing Tourism

There's no doubt that our holiday habits are changing

There's no doubt that our holiday habits are changing. The package tour operators are pulling out of Spain in droves as they seek cheaper alternatives in the former communist block and good luck to them and their clients.

Spain meanwhile will have more foreign visitors this year than ever before, and has surpassed France as the number one foreign destination for Brits abroad.

The availability of budget airline seats and the ability to reserve accommodation via the internet on sites like this means that more and more people are seeking quality holidays at reasonable prices.

This week, low cost airline easyJet announced that its passenger numbers to Ibiza were up by 19% on last year and it now has 3 flights a day from the south of England. At the same time figures revealed that there are 5% less flights arriving in Ibiza than last year and there is no doubt that there are less small spending package tourists about.

However, the quality nautical and agrotourism sectors of the industry report that their client numbers are unaffected by any 'crisis' and they continue to go from strength to strength.

It seems that more and more people are flocking to Spain, and Ibiza, who want more than just a beach holiday and a cheap hotel!

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