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azuLine Hotel Mar Amantis I & II

San Antonio Bay, Ibiza. Twin hotels which give guests the choice of double the facilities - pools, bars and sports – in the heart of all the entertainment.


Type: Beach, Families

Hotel Mar Amantis I & II - These twin hotels, just metres from each other, both have their own facilities which all guests can use. It's a perfect system for all the family as one pool area is very lively with fun, games and entertainment whilst the other, with views over the sea, is a more relaxed tranquil affair. An all inclusive option gives clients the chance to eat and drink wherever they please in either hotel.

Located on either side of the entertainment 'strip' of San Antonio Bay the Mar Amantis I and II are close to two small sandy beaches and a jetty, plied by little ferries across the bay and to the area's most beautiful beaches. The road is lined by shops, restaurants and bars with lots of entertainment for young and old, making it a great holiday destination.

Resort: San Antonio Bay, Ibiza

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