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New year's dive at Salinas beach

The wine shop Vino&Co started this tradition over 10 years ago in a small circle and it has grown to be THE event to attend on the first day of the new year.

Mon 1 Jan, 2024
From: 12:00

Where: Las Salinas beach (Ses Salines), Sant Jordi, Ibiza

Join them for a swim and wine and bubbles!

Vino&Co likes to give something back to their clientele and the island and invite you all for a glass of wine and a swim on this amazing day!

No need to bring drinks, they provide plenty

Nevertheless, they kindly ask you to bring something to eat to share with all of them. This can be put on the large tables they provide.

Bring your kids, your grandma, and your hungover friends! Dogs are welcome, but do keep an eye on them!

The first dive is at 12:00!
They'll do a second run at 13:00 for the latecomers... and a final run into the sea at 14:00 for the ones that really couldn't get out of bed in time!!

They kindly ask you to NOT BRING ANY PLASTIC plates, cups or cutlery to the beach! They will be serving the wine this year in biodegradable plates, cutlery and cups. After the swim they always do a beach clean up. Fancy joining? Just take a bag of rubbish back and drop it in the bin.

Las Salinas beach (Ses Salines)

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