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Open air cinema in Sant Jordi

A special cycle about thegreat Argentinian actor Ricardo Darín.

Every Sat from 9 July 2022 until 27 August 2022
From: 22:00


Open air cinema returns to Sant Jordi this summer.

The Ayuntamiento of San José hosts an open air screening every Saturday during July and August at the Church Square from 22:00. Movies will be shown in original language.

This 2022 cycle will be based on the filmography of Ricardo Darín, one of the biggest actors of Argentina and Spain. The summer programme is the following:

-9 July: Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens) - Argentina, Spanish
-16 July: El hijo de la novia (Son of the Bride) - Argentina, Spanish
-23 July: El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in their Eyes) - Argentina, Spanish
-30 July: Un cuento chino (Chinese Take-Out) - Argentina, Spanish
-6 August: Elefante blanco (White Elephant) - Argentina, Spanish
-13 August: Relatos salvajes (Wild Tales) - Argentina, Spanish
-20 August: Truman - Spain, Spanish
-27 July: La odisea de los giles (Heroic Losers) - Argentina, Spanish

Free entrance until complete capacity. 

For more information you can have a look here

Sant Jordi, Ibiza