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Concerts at Can Jordi Bar

The rock'n'roll & blues bar per excellence in Ibiza.

Every Thu, Sat from 5 January 2023 until 30 December 2023
Where: Can Jordi Blues Station, San José, Ibiza

Can Jordi Blues Station is a place by the road between San José and Ibiza Town where at daytime they serve bocadillos, coffees, beers in the bar and where you can buy bread, fruits and traditional baskets or hats in the small supermarket

Furthermore, every week they have live music with local and international artists on the terrace. The events are very popular with the faithful crowd of local residents.

One of those real and authentic places that shows what Ibiza was made of, those kind of places we all love to find when we´re on holiday.

Where: Can Jordi Blues Station, San José road km7

When: Thursdays at 19:00 and Saturdays from 13:00

Can Jordi Blues Station

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