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Ibiza hosts motor-free vehicle finals

Balearic Championships

This Saturday there's a championship race with a difference: no F1 this, since all vehicles in the race are hand-propelled. Called “Inertia Vehicles”, these hand-made machines will be starring in the Balearic Championships. Starting at 4pm and finishing around 8pm, the event begins in Carrer S'illa Grossa in Marina Botafoch, near the lighthouse.

There's a great selection of vehicle categories including Gravity Bikes (without pedals), Draft Trikes (tricycles), Pneumatic GX (three- and four-wheeled vehicles) and Skeletons.

It's free for all spectators to go and watch and the route is a mere 700 metres long, though there will be around five races and 25 participating vehicles. There's lots of places where you can observe the race away from the track itself, so it's safe for all to go and see.

The Federation of Inertia Sports (FDI) backs all the races held on a national level in Spain, leading to the national championships for the Spain Cup. The non-profit body, set up in 2005 provides standards and a regulatory framework for inertia vehicles and backs all the races.

End of year is traditionally the time when the championship race is held, and from which emerges the ultimate winner that year; there are usually around six races during the year which lead to the final. The race has been organised by Asociación Gravedad 46 with the help of Ibiza Town Council and the work of many volunteers. Winners receive a cash prize at the end to reward their efforts in creating and racing these wacky power-free modes of transport.

Go, go, go and cheer on this hugely individual race!

WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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