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Season preview: Pacha 2014

Pacha continues on the new path it set itself last season whilst making some clever adjustments to ensure an even stronger 2014 season.

This time last year Pacha had just announced its music policy shake-up, with a new direction and new parties filling the weekly schedule. Hopes were high but no doubt behind the scenes nerves were high too, as the club entered into the next phase of its history. A year on and we can report that Pacha's changes were a success, maintaining the super club's immense pulling power whilst earning greater respect and attention from the discerning music community. Not every single night was a full house, but Pacha has responded to the word of the people and made the necessary adjustments to a formula which had begun to prove itself in its first season. Diversity seems to be the key, with Pacha hosting everyone from Steve Aoki to John Digweed – with Flower Power hippy love fests in between.

All signs point to a strong 2014 season but, as ever, it's you who decides.

One-off Parties

-TUESDAY 27th MAY | Pacha Anniversary

Pacha Ibiza will celebrate its 41st birthday on Tuesday 27th May 2014. Paying tribute to the club's strong Ibicenco roots, almost all the DJs on the line up are all year round island residents: Willie Graff, Angel Linde, Graham Sahara, Dazzla in the main room, Mariano Grande and Danny Wade in el cielo.


The public vote in 9 different categories to decide who receives the prestigious Kryptonite Awards. The ceremony is held at Pacha, with award presentations, dinner, special guest performances and a very high profile guest list. The after-party then kicks off properly in the nightclub itself, so the night has a bit of everything.

-WEDNESDAY 1st OCTOBER | Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter

In the middle of the last week of the 2014 Ibiza clubbing season, Pacha officially says goodbye to the summer and welcomes another winter season - as you might know Pacha is the only of the big club which stays open during the winter. It's not the last fiesta of the summer at the club as there are still a few closing parties after that, but if you want to bid the cherry club farewell after a crazy summer, you might as well do it when the club itself does!

MONDAYS | Ibiza Rocks House
20 parties - 26th May - 6th October

The competition on Monday nights in Ibiza is about as fierce as it gets, but Pacha has combated this cleverly by going for a new party which is quite unlike anything the super clubs already offer. On Mondays, Pacha transforms into Ibiza Rocks House, a recreation of the incredible eccentricity, atmosphere and musical history of Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel, with the volume turned up to full. Ibiza Rocks House at Pacha will maintain a house party vibe, except instead of your drunk mate DJing, Derrick Carter, 2Many DJs, Bassment Jaxx and Kevin Saunderson all make multiple appearances over the summer, plus a special set from Giorgio Moroder on the 7th of July.

The unusual querks that make Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes the rock'n'roll hotel destination of the stars for so many years will be re-imagined in the Pacha setting, expect all sorts of delights filling the nooks and crannies of Pacha, plus eccentric performances and Freddie's Room – Pacha's Funky Room re-designed as an outpost of the famous Freddie Mercury Suite at the hotel proper.

Tickets: 36€

TUESDAYS | Flower Power
20 parties - 3rd June - 23rd September

Once again, Pacha presents a night which is unique on the island, but in this case the Flower Power 60s Fest has been tried, tested and adored on the island for many years. Stepping up from monthly to weekly last season, Flower Power strikes a chord with all ages, inviting punters to dress in 60s garb and whip out your most retro moves to a night DJed by island legend Piti, featuring tunes from the 50s, 60s and 70s without a software synth in sight.

Flower Power taps into the traditional Ibiza ethos of peace, love and crazy clothing, and the people just can't get enough of it. Perhaps not the sort of night you make a regular thing of, but no one can resist heading to Flower Power at least once every season.

Tickets: 38 - 48€

PHOTO | Flower Power now runs weekly and is one of the only properly alternative, original Ibiza vibe, parties on the island. Celebrating the 50s, 60s and 70s with DJ Piti.

WEDNESDAYS | Aoki's Playhouse
18 parties - 28th May - 24th September

For its new Wednesday party Pacha has pulled out the big guns, aiming a full on confetti, champagne, cake and bass assault at its patrons in the form of one Steve Aoki. Aoki has made a name for himself through his untamable party antics and take-no-prisoners electro sound. He's the guy on the roof at the party, and his music is not for your grandma. Joining Aoki will be a stack of EDM favourites, highlights including Martin Garrix on the 4th of June, Dadalife and Benny Benassi on the 6th of August and Bloody Beetroots at the closing party on the 24th of September. Artists like pull in the numbers so we're sure this will be a very busy Wednesday at Pacha. Aoki's Playhouse promises to be just how it sounds: loud, wild and very messy; ten points if you can crowd surf your way into VIP.

Tickets: 38 - 48€

THURSDAYS | F*** Me I'm Famous
19 parties - 29th May - 2nd October

It's one of the longest running nights on the Pacha schedule and shows no signs of slowing down. FMIF is the electro-tastic performance spectacular from the Frenchman who effectively pushed commercial dance music in the direction it now stampedes forward on – David Baguetta, I mean Guetta. David Guetta knows how to put on a show, and his FMIF nights at Pacha are a fantastic way to experience the incredible Guetta act in a (comparatively) intimate setting. It will be busy, there will be hands in the air moments, nasty electro breakdowns, chorus sing-a-longs, and Guetta will be smiling the whole time, guaranteed.

Guetta plays all nineteen dates of the season, Showtek, Nicky Romero, JP's Candela and Daddy's Groove all make regular appearances with plus a few special mid-season guests like A-Trak on the 10th of July or Afrojack on the 24th.

Tickets: 70 - 80€

FRIDAYS | Insane
20 parties - 23rd May - 3rd October

Back for a second season is Insane – a musically focused house and techno night featuring the legendary John Digweed and Dennis Ferrer as residents. There's quite an eclectic selection of guests over the season, including Sneak, Magda, MK, Martin Buttrich and Kevin Saunderson. These nights are all about musical exploration and a good opportunity for a solid rave session at Pacha.

Four of the Insane dates will be taken over by Guy Gerber's Wisdom of the Glove (20th of June, 18th of July, 15th of August and 26th of September), which formerly filled the Wednesday weekly slot at Pacha. Musically and visually this was a fantastic party and by concentrating on just four dates this year Gerber should get the head count his creative bookings deserve.

Tickets: 38 - 48€

SATURDAYS | Pure Pacha
20 parties - 24th May - 4th October

Pure Pacha – a longstanding Pacha tradition – continues in its Saturday night slot. This is a very popular night at the club, drawing crowds of all ages and nationalities, plus a strong island contingent – it is a Saturday night after all. It's a place to go nuts to the big names in mainstream house and electro and is always pretty packed. This year Pacha is alternating between Pure Pacha – Paris By Night headlined by Bob Sinclar, and Pure Pacha – Martin Solveig and Friends headlined by Martin Solveig.

Solveig and Sinclar are kings of the crossover hits, so expect a season of commercial dance music knock-outs woven into high energy house numbers with plenty of dazzling Pacha production and dancing goddesses to keep you entertained. Some highlight dates over the season include the 23rd of August with Martin Solveig, Kaskade and Danny Howard and the 19th of July with Bob Sinclar and Joachim Garraud.

Tickets: 38 - 48€

PHOTO | Solomun +1 has a great debut year in 2013, now rolling into a second year of Sundays at Pacha with Solomun joined by just one guest each night, finishing the night with a back-to-back session.

SUNDAYS | Solomun + 1
20 parties - 25th May - 5th October

We're predicting an extremely strong season for Solomun at Pacha. The formula worked really well last summer and this year his selection of “plus ones” is even better. For Sundays Solomun moves the booth into the centre of the room so he is right amongst it, best poised to spread his laid-back and jovial vibe through the surrounding crowd. Having only one guest also creates a fun and improvisational aspect for the both artists, as the two almost always play together at some point, with set times considered more like guidelines.

Musically it's hard to pin down, as not only are Solomun's guests very diverse, but his own style is quite unpredictable, going from melodic and vocal focused deep house, to dark and funky electro bass lines to disco, to indie remixes and hip hop on any given night. I'm having minor conniptions trying to choose highlight dates out of so many amazing guest names, so I'll leave it up to you to decide on seeing Solomun with Dixon, DJ Koze, Andhim, Kölsch, Pete Tong, Ame, Claude von Stroke or any of the other's joining him over the season.

Tickets: 38 - 48€

BOAT PARTY | Pacha67 Sailboat
18 parties - 27th May - 23rd September

The Pacha boat party is unlike any other on the island, as it is hosted on an actual sailboat! A beautiful old thing with large white sails and wooden deck and cabins, it's a luxurious and exclusive way to see the Ibiza coastline with a seven hour cruise (no other boat runs for this long) full of tunes, canapés and champagne. Any Pacha 67 Sailboat ticket you purchase also includes entry to Pacha on either Tuesdays (Flower Power), Wednesdays (Aoki's Playhouse) or Thursday nights (FMIF).

Tickets: 130€ (include Pacha entry)

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