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Music For Dreams Best Of Vol 1 Out Now

Some of finest chilled electronica you're likely to hear this year.

We like Music For Dreams so much that we even have our own tshirts with the logo on the front. We wear them with pride on the beach - backwards at afterparties - that is how cool they, and we, are.

So you can imagine we were fairly excited to discover Music For Dreams Volume 1, a compilation mixed by downtempo and Balearic legend Phil Mison aka Cantoma, had been released on the 27th January and was filled with waves of music designed to stroke your ears and make everything right in the world again.

The top man involved in Music For Dreams is Danish gentleman Kenneth Bager who brought some fantastic chillout flavoured events to the island last year at Cafe Mambo, including Kölsch - you can checkout our interview from the event here - and we hope he will do the same this year.

Tracks on the compilation include The Kenneth Bager Experience, Hess is More, Laid Back, Idjut Boys, Cantoma, Lulu Rouge, Grassskirt, DJ Disse, Ganga and more.

Something else to get excited about though - the next installment in the series is amazingly titled 'Music For Balearic Gabba Dreams'. Gonna be interesting, fantastic and crazy, we expect.

Enjoy this short prevew mix of the album to see what is in store for you.


1. Grassskirt - Pleasant Dream Part 2
2. The Kenneth Bager Experience - Love Won't Leave Me Alone Feat Jean Luc Ponty (Version Idjut)
3. Hess Is More - Yes Boss (Bager Vs Hess - Balearic Bongo Dub)
4. Dj Disse - Walk On The Wild Side
5. Jerry Dimmer - Slow Pull
6. Ganga - Hi-Fi Love
7. Frontera - A Baia
8. Dj Disse - Taxi To War
9. Radar - Sirocco (Remix)
10. Bliss - Manvantara
11. Cantoma - Pandajero (Visti & Meyland Remix)
12. Laid Back - Beautiful Day (Frontera Remix)
13. Frontera - Walking In The Rain (Idjutboys Dub Remix)
14. The Kenneth Bager Expereince - Fragment Eight - The Sound Of Swing
15. Luke - I Love You (Frontera Mix)
16. Cantoma - Overtime
17. Grassskirt - On My Own
18. Banzai Republic - In My Home

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