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Space Opening Fiesta 2014: Tickets On Sale Now

Tickets for the biggest opening fiesta of the season now available.

Back in November we announced that Space Opening Fiesta had been confirmed to take place on Sunday 25th May - now tickets are available for 50€, with the price expected to rise closer to the date. So buy now and put the change towards a splash of late morning H2O.

With these tickets, and all pre-sale tickets for Space Opening Fiesta, you must be in the venue by 9pm.

Space opens at 12 pm (midday) and continues until late Monday morning.

The Space Opening Fiesta is widely regarded as the official/unofficial start to the season. Whilst there are parties going on around the island in the weeks running up to this date, such as the International Music Summit, none can challenge the scale of that seen at Space each year. With 6 individual arenas open for this special event, including the car park (named Flight Area for the party), the sheer number of people attending and number of artists playing is hard to match.

With partying under the sun seeing something of a renaissance in the last few years in particular, you must grab the opportunity to do so in a car park behind Space with both hands. Space will take care of the rest - expect a massive lineup with lighting and sound production taken to the next level.

Want to know what last year's Space Opening Fiesta was like? Have a look at our film from the opening weekend in 2013. Featruing Sankeys, Pacha, Ushuaia and Space.

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