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Portinatx, Ibiza

Portinatx is a complete mini resort, offering crystal clear waters and stunning scenery, with accommodation and facilities to ensure stress free bliss.

Situated in the North of the island, Portinatx immediately impresses with not one but three great beaches  - S'Arenal Gros (which is the largest), S'Arenal Petit (which is more private) and Playa Porto Beach - each one of them fully kitted out with sunbeds and lifeguards to ensure complete peace of mind and body. Of course, each one is an easy stroll from all the resorts accommodation.

Ibiza is very beautiful and Portinatx is one of the best resorts from which to experience this. The waters are stunningly clear, making it a favourite with snorkelers and scuba-divers. There are also  small ferry boats that will leisurely take you down to the port of San Miguel and even San Antonio, ensuring  even clubbers love to chill out in Portinatx. It might not be in the middle of the clubbing scene – better for those looking to really chill-out between the nights – but everywhere is easily accessible for when you do want to check out the beats.

The local landscape is quite spectacular (it was the setting for the film South Pacific and when you arrive you understand why it was chosen to represent ‘paradise’)

There’s several walks to be enjoyed by those wanting to burn some energy by day – including a breathtaking walk up to the highest Lighthouse in the Balearics, with stunning cliff drops straight into the clear Mediterranean waters below.

If you do want to have a bit of a dance in the evening but a full-on super-club night is just a little too much, Portinatx again ticks all the right boxes with a surprisingly active nightlife, where music bars and pubs welcome those who want to throw some moves on the dancefloor without being surrounded by 5,000 other clubbers.

Good quality restaurants are firmly established in the area and if food is your thing, you’ll find everything from restaurants specialising in fish dishes (caught that day) to familiar pub grub.

Accommodation is plentiful and like the resort as a whole, child friendly. There is even a waterpark attached to one of the hotels, free for guests staying there and a small charge for those visiting from other accommodations.

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