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Review: La Troya and Espuma at Amnesia

Sex, Ancient Rome and a bit of Boy George... Oh lovely!

By Spotlight

Not sure quite what to expect from a party famous for its shows and gay-friendly factor I entered Amnesia's double header party La Troya/Espuma with great curiosity. One thing that I did know would be a dead cert was that the party would be a fun filled time with lots of dancing and laughter - and on the plus side I would definitely be able to release my inner diva without anyone batting an eyelid.

With naked men scattered about the place being watched by the adoring eyes of numerous drag queens - whom were dressed to the nines in glamorous clobber and cheekily grinning at the dancers as they thrust their risky red thongs, Amnesia was oozing a sexy party vibe from the offset. Boy George could be found DJing in the Terrace's booth hidden by a couple of cheeky Romans sporting silk (and skimpy) togas whilst he wore his signature fedora hat and blared out I Get Deep - DJ Le Roi ft. Roland Clarke, Elitia - Andy Hope, Freakin' Out - Global Deejays and Remember Me - Blue Boy to a heaving dance-floor.

Providing a visual feast with anything from acrobats dangling in midair to a questionable threesome having some fun with a banana, La Troya was definitely a sexy night but also one of humour and good taste. Ensuring that the ultra-friendly atmosphere was maintained throughout the pantomime meets seductive show performers plucked several lucky crowd members from the audience to join in with the on stage shenanigans. One particular man was invited to indulge in some bed time frolicking involving satin sheets and a rather suggestive looking bedroom toy as a mild porno played on in the background (a little playful but definitely not any X-rated stuff.) The crowd was undeniably the most friendly, non-pushing and shoving bunch of people that I have experienced so far this season and I would happily come back to the party with a bunch of girlfriends and have a great time. 

Changing things up a little I popped into the Main room as Espuma got underway and I must confess that in my opinion the party did wilt a little underits neighbours flamboyant shadow; but with an excitable pair of musicians provided to spice up the room the crowd were absolutely loving it. A live Violinist and Saxophone player accompanied the DJs set and smashed out a unique take on tracks such as Katy Perry's track Firework and Avicii - Levels and I have quite honestly never seem a crowd so euphoric and bouncy. Aside from the number of ridiculously happy faces it was pretty hard to ignore the sexy Amnesia dancers and their fine, fine derriere's as they parading around the balconies and VIP section as videos of previous foam party fun times rolled on... no wonder everyone seemed so happy when they knew what was soon to come.

Although neither party was particularly up my street I could definitely see the appeal... wet, sexy dancers covered in foam in one room then promiscuous performers on stage in the other. It made a nice change to experience a party which delivered a package that combined music, costumes, sex and cabaret so well. Plus the light hearted, tongue in cheek theme of the night has clearly gone down a treat on the White Isle as the midweek madness attracted a crowd so strong that it mirrored some of the club's bigger nights.


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