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Review: Ibiza Rocks ft The Maccabees & Theme Park

McRackin, our forum Almighty and live music devotee, reports from last Wednesday's Ibiza Rocks gig with The Maccabees and Theme Park.

By Spotlight

Talking Heads-inspired Theme Park, fronted by the talented Haughton twins, formed in early 2011 but they have already various singles out (all collected in the EP Wax) and are about to release their first full length!

The very young band (specially the bassist and the non-twin guitarist, who exchanged instruments during the concert) played all the songs they've released so far (with the exception of "A mountain we love") plus newer material like "Two hours", the first single of their upcoming debut album. Catchy songs and refreshing melodies... fan-tas-tic. Looking forward to hear more from these guys!

Last summer when I was introduced to one of the members of The Maccabees at the Ibiza Rocks House I supposed they would be playing at Ibiza Rocks this year... and it happened. Since then they published their third studio album Given to the wild which made it to the top 5 in the UK, establishing them as one of the best British bands out there and one of the must-see bands of the year!

Mixing up songs from all three albums, they delivered a blistering show with their older stuff getting the biggest response from the euphoric crowd. The songs from the last album, in general more mellow than their previous work and full of epic moments, sounded heavier live than on record and were received as the masterpieces they are... when I'm writing this text I haven't been able to get "Feel to follow" out of my head yet. A ten out of ten!

Full review with set lists and more pix here.



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