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Preview: Beat & Raw at Space 2012

With wildly eclectic line ups, Beat & Raw brings some serious flavour to your Fridays.

By Spotlight

Last year’s Friday party at Space, Come Together, already pushed genre boundaries; this year’s fresh installment, Beat & Raw, knocks them down entirely. In a bold move which further diversifies its already eclectic musical offerings, Space is offering a lavish bento-box of sound, each room with a different musical morsel for us punters to devour at will. Expect hip hop, urban, dubstep, pop, indie, electro, techno and Baroque. Ok not Baroque - but we weren’t kidding about the aural mixed bag.

When the powerhouse brands and Malaputa Rock (each with their own success stories on the island) get together to innovate, this is the weird and wonderful brainchild they produce. It’s a party based around two characters, Beat and Raw, who decide to leave their normal lives and head to Ibiza together for some magical experiences – shortly thereafter discovering their vocation as “rabble-rousers.” As you do...

The press release explains:

“Each of them will represent one of the legendary rooms at Space. Beat is always accelerated, with his hyperactivity he is the equivalent of rhythm and is represented by the Terrace of the club, where the more electronic rhythms will be sounding. His partner Raw, on the other hand, is totally wild and unpredictable. He will be represented by the Main Room, where there will be live performances and concerts.”

It’s a detailed back-story and, whilst a little mystifying, it beats the hell out of five paragraphs of hyperbole.

If the night is a bit of a gamble, then Beat and Raw have a very, very winning card to play which they’re throwing down early in the game. That card is the one and only Cypress Hill, who will be slapping that ham on the frying pan at the Beat & Raw Opening party this Friday July 6th. 

Cypress Hill is joined for the opening by Spanish rap crew Violadores del Verso, with Don Diablo and Dub Elements taking over the Terazza. Throughout the season, Beat & Raw will also play host to Digitalism, (live), Underworld, OrbitalThe Subs, The Klaxons (DJ set), Zombie Nation (live), Thievery Corporation, Drop The Lime, Kissy Sell OutPeter Hook DJ set (of New Order), Japanese Popstars (live), Temper Trap and Cassius. Residencies are held by Allan Ramirez, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells and dubstep demon Jaguar Skills – but that’s still not the end of it. On the 31st of August Gorillaz Sound System will be dropping in for your aural pleasure and less than a month later French electro fiends Justice will headline the closing party.

The diverse Beat & Raw line up speaks for itself. Whether you’re into the personification of musical and culinary terms or not – you’re going to want to check this night out.

Full line up:

Opening Party Friday July 6th

- Cypress Hill (live), Violadores del Verso (live), DJ Jekey, Allan Ramirez, Dub Elements, Don Diablo, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

Friday 13th July

- The Klaxons (DJ set), Alan Ramirez, Jaguar Skills, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

Friday 20th July

- Allan Ramirez, Zombie Nation (live), Kissy Sell Out, Jaguar Skills, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

Friday 27th July

- Thievery Corporation, Allan Ramierz, The Subs, Oscar L, Jacob Plant, Lazer Sword, Dub Elements, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

Friday 3rd August

- Allan Ramirez, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells, Special Guest TBC

Friday 10th August

- Digitalism (live), Planet Funk, Ivan Pica, Allan Ramirez, Jaguar Skills, Drop The Lime, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

Friday 17th August

- The Klaxons (DJ set), Peter Hook of New Order (DJ set), The Japanese Popstars (live), Allan Ramirez, Jaguar Skills, Rex The Dog, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

Friday 24th August

- Front 242, Temper Trap, D-Formation, Allan Ramirez, Dub Elements, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

31st August

- Gorillaz Sound System, The Whip, Allan Ramirez, Zombie Nation, Joan S. Luna, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

Friday 7th September

- Underworld, Dub Pistols, Allan Ramirex, Rex The Dog, Jaguar Skills, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

Friday 14th September

- Orbital, Allan Ramirez, Jaguar Skills, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells

Closing Party Friday 21st September

- Cassius, Justice, Justin Robertson, Allan Ramirez, Jaguar Skills, Daisy Heartbreaker, Ramon Castells


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