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Review: Ibiza Bike Tours

Ibiza is extraordinarily beautiful and one young man decided it was time to share it, offering mountain biking tours ... but there's more to this story...

By Spotlight

Ibiza is a joy for cyclists and indeed across the seasons, home to numerous cycling events, from road racing to mountain biking. Even when there isn't a specific event on, the roads of the island still reflect Ibiza's suitability for such a past-time as cyclists strain up the mountains and fly down into the visually spectacular valleys. I've heard tell that many top cyclists come to the island to train...

It is a decade since I had given up mountain biking or indeed any style of cycling but looking at the Ibiza Bike Tours website, whilst simple, there was such enthusiasm in the writing that I decided to try them out and here the story really starts...

Ibiza Bike Tours is the passion of ... 15 year old Rupert. Having left Holland three and a half years ago, the mountains of Ibiza initially crushed his established enthusiasm for cycling. However, last year the passion returned with a vengeance and Rupert started to discover some startlingly impressive and easy routes around the island. He became inspired to share these with others. Having already run his own airline ticket booking website (which transpired to only be of value in the lessons learnt) he used his experience to create 'Ibiza Bike Tours'.

Ibiza Bike Tours Mountain Biking

Arriving for my tour Rupert was well prepared, having previously established that I didn't actually own a mountain bike and arranging one for me at a most reasonable fee. A good condition hybrid bike (light frame, sturdy tires and at a glance, looking very much like a mountain bike but thankfully nowhere near as cumbersome) awaited me, incl a bottle of chilled water, safety helmet and hi-vis vest.

We set off down quiet country roads in the beautiful area surrounding the rather trendy village of Santa Gertrudis. Although delightfully earnest (I was his first interview & may have made him slightly nervous) Rupert shared his ever growing knowledge of the countryside as we passed through it. He was also thoughtful enough to warn when there were dogs behind fence-lines to make sure I wasn't startled. Olive trees, fig trees, almond trees, the startlingly red earth of the island, palm trees, horse farms, old windmills, all of these we effortlessly rode by,chatting easily, enjoying the early morning light. (here I should qualify that Ibiza Bike Tours usually offer early evening mountain biking tours, not early morning bike tours but as it was the Summer Holidays, therein not impacting on Ruperts schooling, we were able to schedule accordingly)

Ibiza Bike Tours Mountain Biking

Rupert shows signs of being an astute businessman and has carefully considered what clients might want. Our own bike tour took in a picnic area, which, had my schedule allowed, would have made for a lovely break. Routes are chosen for their safety and ease, many of them suitable for all the family and all levels of fitness. Ibiza Bike Tours also looks for routes that are on asphalt, meaning one doesn't end up with a completely numb posterior from rutted dirt tracks...

All in all, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and admit that when I had a free moment later in the day, even looked into purchasing a mountain bike for my own use. Ibiza and her natural beauty has always inspired and my experience re-lit the fire, particularly insomuch as the tours are leisurely!

To find out more, please contact Ibiza Bike Tours directly.


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