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The sleepy Ibiza village of San Agustin lights up with 3 evenings of celebration
This Friday August 15th Ibiza wraps up its annual celebration of its two patron
Flower Power heads to Destino to catch Ibiza's annual fireworks display for
Fun-loving Havaianas create a giant Brazilian flag made of flip-flops in the san
A big street party, live music and entertainments galore, not to mention one of
St John's day in San Juan, Ibiza by Spotlight
Jump over a roaring fire, plunge yourself into the sea and cast last year's
Love live music? Looking for the authentic free spirit of Ibiza?
... and that's when the on-coming gaggle of geese cut our swordplay short.
What was Ibiza like 1000 years ago?
Healing Ibiza
It’s all about LOVE!
Running over fire or eating roast beef - both are great options this Patron Sain
Agroturismo Atzaro Fiesta de la Primavera 2014
Atzaro's famed Fiesta de la Primavera is this weekend and we've got th
Patron Saints Day, San Jose 2014
Reputed to have an even better Flower Power party than San Antonio, the village
Pintxa competition, San Antonio 2014
Without a doubt, one of the best nights out on the island for family and friends
Ibiza Carnival Parade
The story and images from yesterdays Carnival in Ibiza Town plus where to see it
Patron Saint's Day, Santa Eulalia
With live music, street performances and entertainment for children, Santa Eulal