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Solomun: Game to Game

Solomun discusses the perks and pitfalls of starting a new night at Sankeys and tries not to plan too far ahead...

With free beach raves, regular Diynamic parties all over Europe, a club of his own called Ego, an ever-expanding label to direct and new releases coming out all the time, Mladen Solomun is casually grooving his way across Europe's underground scene, leaving thousands of blissed-out music-fans in his wake.
Soulful, melodic, with a deep bass and determined kick – Solomun and the Diynamic crew's sets are becoming a bit of an addiction for us at Spotlight. The Bosnian born, Hamburg based Croatian (another resounding win for globalisation) took some time to discuss with us his recent successes, risks and almost working with Yann Tiersen and the Dub Pistols…

You don't have much of a history with Ibiza – can you describe how you went from a few appearances to running your own night for the season?

This is correct - maybe because I'm not the kind of guy who wants to mix vacation with party. I have family in Croatia and I love it there, so that's been my vacation. Besides that I didn't have many requests in the past to play there. This year it was different. I had many request to play, but Sankeys was one of the first also who asked me and I asked if they were up for a Diynamic night and David [Vincent] was happy with that. Our Diynamic nights are running everywhere in the Europe very well, so we thought let's do it - the next new challenge.

There's a real buzz around the island after the opening couple of parties of Diynamic Neon Nights last week. Tell us how the night went for you?

I was very relieved about that. We feel really comfortable at the club and have had great two nights so far. The second was also a bit more busy then the first one. I'm super happy cause of our neon night concept we have paintings during the night and the crowd are really into it, the people started to ask for more colour painting during the night and they all do it on their own and coloured other guests. This all gives them a familiar vibe.

Sankeys is the newest superclub on the island; with Diynamic running a party in these early stages you play an influential part in Sankeys' development. Where do you want to take it?

In the end of the season I can give you a total resume. Like I learned when I was playing soccer in the early days, you have to think from game to game. After that we have an overview about that what we have done and where we want to go next. The best option is that everything is running super well and we will have it next year even easier at Sankeys.

A whole chunk of artists on your label has committed to a weekly residency over here, is Diynamic building a relationship with Ibiza that will continue to grow in years to come?

I hope so. We chose maybe the hardest way for a newcomer on the island: new club, new brand, with Diynamic and only our artists playing and no other host or promoter who will fill the club with guest lists or support.

The NEON theme looks wicked in the promo video – how did that idea come about and is it connected to the music we can expect, or just a fun aesthetic choice?

It's a fun aesthetic choice and it gives us lot of headroom to play with the name and concept. We thought it fits also very good to the basic light and design concept from the club. This, all together in combination with our sound, was a good idea I think.

Diynamic threw a free beach party in Barcelona for off-Sonar last month. Firstly – much respect for doing it pro bono, and secondly – how did it go?

Ahh! This was absolutely outstanding! Everybody from us was playing only one hour and this was a mega show. So far away from the city, on the beach and to have around 2000 party people coming ‘cause of us was really, really special!

You also released a 5th anniversary compilation recently, all proceeds going to charity. In a time when artists are coping with illegal downloading, how easy or difficult was it to convince the artists involved in both the party and the compilation to work for free?

As you can imagine it was long hard way to get all these great artists to do remixes for free. We also asked lot of other fantastic artists we had on the wish list, but cause of too much touring or album commitments it was not possible. We spent about nine months working on that. One of the artists we waited very long for was dub pistols. Then, when he almost finished his remix, his computer crashed. We also had a confirmation from Yann Tiersen, for example (he made the music to the movie from Amelie for those who don't know him), but he also had to cancelled it cause of touring. This was very sad for us.

Your label has expanded quickly in six years – how have the new faces involved changed the nature of the business and its releases?

We do what we do and we are getting close and closer with our artists. Also with the newest members, we are trying to involve them as much as possible to feel at home. We are all a part of it and we all do our homework. There is nothing more we can do than that.

Has your personal production or DJ style altered much since you started Diynamic?

Sure. This is important. Always trying to go new ways.

Finally, a deadly serious survival question: Out of Elton John, Sting and Lenny Kravitz, who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?

Sting. But I'm not sure if he will be happy to be with me in the elevator...

Solomun plays Diynamic Neon Nights every Tuesday at Sankeys Ibiza until 11 September. Solomun's Watergate 11 is out now.

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