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Review: Music On Opening 2012

Friday's big tonight night!

After MTV's live music focused series of Friday night parties last year the music policy at Amnesia has been completely refreshed to offer the sort of party most people holidaying on the island are used to, and probably want. So after a few years of playing parties like Cocoon, Marco Carola had decided to go it alone and do things the way he wanted via his night - Music On. By offering a more techno orientated music policy through his taste in music and the bookings he has made.

Arriving pretty late after checking out the Cypress Hill gig, I walked straight in to find Carola doing his thing on the Terrace. Lots of cool music - with tracks like Matthias Meyer's 'Free Your Mind', 'Sandwiches' by the Detroit Grand Pubahs who we featured not too long ago, Aldo Cadiz's 'Rakonda' and a track by Michel de Hey that I couldn't find the name of...

The crowd seemed to build up in excitement over the time I was there, each track was very progressively building up, and with Carola's mixing it really is progressive. I even commented to my friend that we hadn't particularly noticed a major change in track over a good half-hour period. For all we knew it could have been one long track, but then that's his style - a couple of drum rolls and bam! The bass drops and he crowd goes nuts. Works every time and it made for a really relaxed but up for it atmosphere which I really fed off.

Other things that kept me entertained? The guy dancer with a giant balloon somehow stuck on his head. I've no idea what that was all about, but hey, I had a few laughs about it so it's all good. It's certainly a party that justified its own night at a club like Amnesia, whilst the main room was certainly below the terrace in atmosphere, there's a massive amount of room to grow, with some huge, huge lineups to come. Definitely something you should all check out if looking for a new Friday night out.

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