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Intern for Ibiza Spotlight: Summer 2013

Make Ibiza's dance floors your office - Spotlight is looking for interns for Summer 2013!

Ever fancied being a music journalist in Ibiza? Well, we're looking for several interns to work for Ibiza Spotlight in Ibiza – Summer 2013. Ibiza Spotlight could be your first step to working within the music industry or Ibiza itself. See details below.


Internship at Ibiza Spotlight for the summer, encompassing all elements of working in and supporting the business, but mainly with regard to clubbing and nightlife. Tasks to include:

1. Researching, writing clubbing/nightlife content.

2. Reviewing music we get sent.

3. Attending club nights and producing event reviews, where possible taking photos to support.

4. Interviewing DJs, promoters, other members of the dance music community and island people for features.

5. Various administrative tasks to support content – sourcing photos/videos, fact checking, transcribing, social media management.

6. Managing and updating social media networks.

7. Managing and updating our Ibiza Party Calendar.

8. Liaising with agents, clubs, promoters, PR agencies and DJ management to organise content.

9. Helping to run Spotlight Tickets and guestlist queues.

10. Representing Ibiza Spotlight in a professional manner.


1. Free guestlist/passes for clubs – within reason, we'll sort you out!

2. Exposure – have your work published on Ibiza's biggest website as we work to grow and improve in 2013. A few million people will see the fruits of your labour over the summer. Often it is not what you know, but who you know. We shall give you that opportunity.

3. Opportunity – first steps to working in Ibiza, journalism or the music business as a whole.

4. Money – whilst most internships just offer expenses for travel and lunch, we appreciate we're not just a bus ride away. So we will offer increased expenses to assist towards rent/living costs. Full details will be discussed with potential candidates. Don't expect much!

5. Office Space – feel free to use our office and high speed broadband whenever you want, outside of meetings.

6. The summer of your life – a whole summer of the best music, people, parties and beaches. This is what you could be calling 'work'.

What we're looking for

1. The successful applicants will have some form of writing experience, with a genuine interest in music journalism. You must show this in your application.

2. The main essential skill/experience is that we need someone who is comfortable using computers, facebook, twitter, etc. Basically someone that isn't going to need their hand held using word or the internet!

3. A good standard of English goes without saying.

4. Experience of Ibiza OR an Ibiza virgin (we are looking for both in 2013) as well as knowledge of dance music culture. You're not going to get the position if you don't know the difference between Armin Van Buuren and Jamie Jones.

5. We need someone that can be creative, be witty, be serious, challenge the status quo, find solutions to whatever problems they're faced with.

6. This is no 9 to 5 job, but we need someone to last the distance and to be flexible to meet deadlines quickly.

7. Don't apply if you're a mumbling wimp. You're going to be in contact with people every day and need to be able to get along with all shapes and sizes and be able to assert yourself, whether it be a guestlist queue, a grumpy DJ or a busy editor!

8. Beyond that there are no rules and no ideal candidate, it's up to you to catch our attention. You may be a Pulitzer Prize winner in the making, but if you don't show us that, we can't pick you.

9. Finally, leave your prejudices at home, this is really important. We all have our tastes but a trance fan who doesn't get Cocoon is as equally unwanted as a techno snob that doesn't get why 5000 go to Cream every week. In other words, be up for anything!


1. Must be available to work in Ibiza from June to September. For outstanding candidates, exceptions may be made. Earlier and later start dates may also be possible.

2. You must arrange your own flights and accommodation.

3. You must have your own laptop. IT equipment will be available but a laptop is compulsory.

4. You must be prepared to spend time working in our main office in San Antonio.

5. You will be expected to work 20-30 hours a week, which doesn't include the time you spend out clubbing! This will be a flexible schedule depending on meetings, content you are working on and your other job(s).

6. If you aren't the first choice we may still be able to offer you a position, but we won't be able to offer expenses.

How to Apply

1. No covering letter or email is required.

2. Don't send generic CVs as if you were applying for a job in a call centre or shop. Instead provide a mini-profile/CV of who you are, your last 2 or 3 jobs, any qualifications you think are worth mentioning and a short summary of what you're doing right now that means you'll be able to take this role (e.g. Tell us if you're unemployed, at uni, between jobs or going to be in Ibiza anyway)

3. Provide a max. 100 word paragraph on why you think you'd be good for the job and why you want it. Feel free to tell us about your favourite music, DJs, clubs, etc. Remember: you're applying for a journalist position, don't simply state you 'like to get on it'. BE CREATIVE.

4. Include a recent photo of yourself.

5. Present all of the above in whatever order or format you like but it should all fit on one page of A4. Anything more than one page won't be considered.

6. All the above should be sent to clubbing (at) with the subject title "SUMMER INTERN 2013 YOUR FULL NAME".

7. The closing date for receipt of applications is February 1st.

8. During February and March we will decide on various shortlists with a view to possible email and phone interviews.

9. The shortlisted applicants will then be expected to submit an event review, or music review for further consideration.

10. We will inform the successful candidates by the end of March.

Questions / More Info

We think we're being fairly clear about everything here, but if you really aren't sure about something and need clarification. Email the above address with the subject title 'INTERN QUESTION'.

Please note that we'll only be replying to valid and pertinent questions. If you want to know where to get some cheap worker's accommodation or how much you'll get for expenses or if your mate can have a space pass as well, then don't expect a reply.

The biggest piece of advice we can give is to please be creative and unique in your application. You will be working within a creative and dynamic team and we want someone who can contribute to that.

Good luck!

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