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We Love... SLAM Review

Slam celebrate their anniversary at We Love... check out the review!

I had to resist the temptation to start this review with some kind of cheesy line about ‘SLAM totally slamming the techno out', or ‘SLAM slammed it man!” But, truth be told, they did. Those 2 gentlemen of techno played one of the best genre-defining sets I've heard this season, with this opinion being echoed by many who had the distinct pleasure of being there. A rightly so too, as they celebrated an immense 20 years of the Soma label.

Now, everyone on the island knows that August sees the clubs swell due to the peak season dance heads all flocking to the island when the weather is at it's best. So, many of those staying on the island for longer than a week often stay away and wait till September time, so it would be fair to say I was expecting to have little or no room to perfect my already impressive techno stomp. Happily though, whilst We Love enjoyed a great crowd (as always), there was more than enough room to bounce around like a lunatic and not get thrown out for doing so. With tracks such as their own 'Lifetimes' on the Soma record label and Loco Dice's Medusa bringing that all knowing nod of satisfaction amongst friends, I think everyone was in agreement that SLAM stole the show. I shall certainly make the effort to see them again as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the headline performance from Miss Kitten didn't happen due to a no-show, with We Love stating personal circumstances meant she couldn't be there. So, la Terraza was the place to be if you weren't in the company of SLAM. Here we had Joris Voorn on resident duties, who certainly seemed to be enjoying his time out of the Discoteca where he normally plays, with one of the tracks of the season, Voorn and Fanciulli's 'The Tide', doing the usual and raising almost every pair of arms.

On after Joris was another We Love resident, James Zabiela playing as part of his We Love residency, you can catch him again on 11th September.

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