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Review: TwiceasNice at Eden

TwiceasNice hosted their sexy R’n’B party for another week on the White Isle at San Antonio’s club Eden.

With Wretch 32 and Matt Jam Lamont entertaining the crowd within the intimate walls of Eden by banging out some of the best old school garage and R'n'B tunes from the late 90's through to today, last Thursday's headliners attracted a hardcore mass of skankers.

The track that welcomed me into TwiceasNice's pretty mental party was This is why I'm hot by Mims which ignited the room's energy and made the dance floor and its passionate dancers go crazy. Each song was undoubtedly a classic suited to the party's genre and with the crowd clearly all being madcap fans of the sexy but fierce tunes being played. There was no mistaking that the party attracted true garage and R'n'B fans and probably isn't suited to those who aren't into this particular scene. Although having special guests JLS sitting in VIP added another reason for people to want to come to the party.

As 2am approached Minx the female host – not So Solid Crews Harvey as expected – hyped up the crowd for the arrival of Matt Jam Lamont and as he opened his set with classic track With a little bit of luck it was clear the party has started as the room began to ooze attitude and the club was jumping.

The party definitely had an energetic vibe from the beginning and well known songs were being played such as Beyonce's track Girls (Run the world), Katy B's Lights on and Keri Hilson's Swag on. By playing predictable tracks the loyal TwiceasNice fans were clearly being kept happy but with a live PA from chart topper Wretch 32 added to the line up they got an added extra. He went on to perform for about half an hour singing his Number 1 track Don't go and he even sang Aaliyah's song Rock the boat to mark the 10th anniversary of her death.

Although the night probably wasn't my scene, I would recommend this night to those who want a break from electronic music. Even though it is clearly a successful and popular night in San Antonio it is probably not the kind of night to give a go unless you like the music and energy that comes hand in hand with garage and R'n'B music.

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