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Review: Kehakuma & Monza Closings

As we count down the last of the 2011 closing parties, Thursday saw top underground night Kehakuma and Italian techno rave Monza celebrate the end of equally successful seasons.

Space was the first stop for the night and it was straight to the Terrace for Jamie Jones. His remix of ‘Hungry for the Power' was belting out, and although at this stage it's been overplayed, it's still a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Moving onto less recognisable material he played with plenty of bounce and almost a Garage feel. Not staying with one style too long though, he mixed things up with a smoother house section, before going for a more underground Hot Creations sound. Jones has played Kehakuma a number of times through the season and the techno-based environment of the night, as well as earlier programming on this occasion, meant his set benefited from a more up-beat tempo than you may hear him play at DC10. The result was an extremely enthusiastic dancefloor that were left wanting more.

Sunday night Fabric promoter WYS was next door hosting the Discoteca. A big space to fill, the dancefloor was not quite busy enough and lacked the energy of the Terrace. Raw, Berlin-style, warehouse rave techno banged around the room. The Terrace had also turned harder as Glimpse performed his live set, aside from starting with a remix of ‘Good Life' and ending on a calm, chilled note. For the final set of the night, resident Nick Curly and Mathias Kaden were going back to back but I had to drag myself away before it was too late and head over to Sankeys for Monza.

It was clear from the queue outside that the club was rammed. Villalobos going back to back with Raresh was no doubt a big influencing factor but it was also the promise of the unveiling of the back room, yet to be seen all season. Heading straight to check out the new area, you were immediately hit by the heat and sweat, having become accustomized to the well air-conditioned environment of Space. It immediately reminded me of London warehouse parties – high ceiling, bare white walls, overpowering sound system and madly dancing damp bodies. Villalobos and Raresh were clearly visible from the elevated DJ booth and increasing levels either side of the dancefloor, including a balcony level, meant you could get a 360 view of the space from above.

Villalobos and Raresh were playing quick, rolling beats and it was easy to get straight into the groove and not want to leave for bar or toilet trips, aside from the fact that you desperately needed some air. The music got slightly softer when Raresh dropped a female vocal, prompting Villalobos to come back with a Latino edge, but never losing the infectious beat. Rumour had it the club would be staying open until midday but at around 7am things came to a close. They finished up with a chilled track causing applause and chanting from the crowd and a lot of hugging and kissing between the DJ's. Rounding off its first season at Sankeys, both promoter and club can be pleased with a successful season and one of the best closing parties in the calendar so far.

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