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Interview: Jordan Peak

Named by BBC Radio 1 as one to watch for 2011 and playing Ibiza for the first time this summer, we caught up with fresh new house producer Jordan Peak.

Spotlight: So Jordan you're over in Ibiza for Channel Zoo, how are you feeling about playing and what can we expect from your set?

Jordan: Yeah I'm really excited, it's going to be really fun as it's an Air London night, so Manik and Matt Tolfrey are going to be there as well and they're always a good laugh to hang out with. Music wise I've got some new material I'll be playing, coming out on Robsoul, Area Remote and One Records. Then just what I normally play, some old stuff, some new stuff and some bits out at the moment.

You've also already played at Sankeys Ibiza and have a date lined up for Kehakuma at Space in September. How do you find playing in Ibiza and what do you think of the scene here?

Well I've been coming to Ibiza for like six years now and it's just such a nice place to come if you love to party, you love house music, and you meet loads of cool people when you're out here. But this is actually the first year I've played, so Sankeys was my first gig and it was amazing! And of course I'm really looking forward to Kehakuma as well!

Have things changed much since recently joining Air London?

Well I'm really, really happy to be part of the setup. Everyone's great, really knows what they're doing and on top of the game, from all the artists involved to all the people behind the scenes. So yeah I'm really happy to be involved.

Tell us about any productions or remixes you have coming up?

There's quite a few…the very next release is a track on the new One Records VA, it's going to be really cool. They've got stuff from Chris Carrier, Jeff K and a few other really cool guys and I think ten tracks in total. And then I've got my new EP on Tsuba coming up with a remix from Steffi, that's out in September. I've got another EP coming on Material Series. An EP on Robsoul, which I'm really happy to be part of because it's just the best label for proper house music. A release on Area Remote which is a collaboration between myself and Nic Fanciulli's brother, Mark Fanciulli, which will be really good as well. And then a couple of remixes on various other labels…so yeah that's about it! [laughs]

So how long does it take you to make a track, are you in the studio for a few hours or will you be fine tuning for a week?

It depends really, there's no rule to how long it takes but the best stuff is usually done really quickly because it feels natural. For instance, (I wish it was this easy) but the track I made on the Saved EP ‘I Want You', I literally made it in one night, completely finished. Started it after dinner and two hours later it was done. If you take too long it becomes stale and the idea loses it so most stuff is usually done in two or three days for me.

You say on your Facebook bio you were surrounded by house music and vinyl from a young age, were your parents DJs or how did they have an influence on you getting into house music and DJing?

My dad was never a DJ but he was really into house music and had lots of stuff from Masters at Work, DJ Sneak and Kerri Chandler, and lots of early Strictly Rhythm records. And my mum listened to disco, soul and funk. From a young age that's always been my main influence those two sounds, and I always try to fuse those influences together.

Any particular tracks or artists that have inspired you?

The very first album I bought was ‘Homework' by Daft Punk and to me that was like “wow, I want to make this kind of music”. That album still stands the test of time today, it still sounds fresh. So that album kind of made me decide this is what I wanna do.

You were named as one to watch for 2011 on Radio 1's ‘Introducing' section of the Essential Selection, as well as topping Ibiza Spotlight's Top 5 Up and Coming DJ's. Do you feel there is a lot of expectation on you this year?

I try not to think about that to be honest with you, I just try and get on with playing the music I want to play and making the music I want to make and hope that other people want to listen to it and dance to it as well. There's so much hype these days and if you think about things too much you can get lost in it. At the end of the day you just have to have fun cos that's what it's all about, going out, meeting new people…

And who would you name as your one to watch right now?

It's a tough one because there's so many good people around…a name that I'd say that people might not know that's just broken through, a guy called Nikola Gala, and also John Demas. Everything I get from both of them I love it completely, play it out all the time, and it always works really well on the dancefloor. So yeah, watch out for those two guys.

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