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Ibiza Gossip Girl Ch, 11

Relentless gossip from our girl.

Well, another week's gone by in Ibiza with yet another week of fabulous parties. Last Monday I experienced the most fabulous of them all at Aura Ctra San Juan KM 13.5 | San Lorenç. It was a private joint birthday function for Claire one part face and creative brain behind Manumission, and island VIP fixer upper and social butterfly Leah Tilbury. Leah's birthday parties in Ibiza are always legendary; there isn't a famous face or island big shot she doesn't know and who doesn't attend. And with Claire who has been busy working on a movie project since Manumission closed their doors, has a phonebook brimming with famous friends and is an island celebrity herself... well, I knew to expect something special.

Claire and Mike Manumission

The theme was ‘Studio 54' and boy did they do it in style. On arrival to Aura, inside the bar area was filled with an excessive amount of streamers, white helium balloons and glitter, lavishly and abundantly draped. Jodie Harsh was on the decks providing the most awesome disco set I've ever heard with not a hint of cheese in sight. Claire's pal and the coolest DJ drag queen around mixed new disco like Hercules & Love Affair with the more classic numbers, and as I jived to the tunes I allowed myself to get ‘lost in music.'

Indeed there was plenty of use of the word ‘darling', the best air kissing so not to smudge one's lipstick I ever did see; but it refrained from being too much of a pose fest as there was lots of spirit, happiness and laughter in the air.

Taking a wander outside I gasped at the amount of A listers that could be seen enjoying cake and champagne... Sienna Miler looking STUNNING with her fellow actor beau and R Patz's best mate Tom Sturridge, Jade Jagger, Carl Smyth (also known as Chas Smash) from Madness, the world's leading makeup artist and Leah's sister Charlotte Tilbury, James Blunt's ex model girlfriend Sabine Vidal... they were all there. Speaking of models the place was in fact crawling with them; it almost made me think twice about going for second helpings of birthday cake, almost. One supermodel was looking more than merry on the dancefloor, swaying with her eyes practically closed, snogging and gyrating all over one lucky fella. Partner or candidate in the right place right time remains to be known.

You could literally smell the money. Our birthday hosts and two of the coolest ladies in Ibiza looked ravishing and thank you to you both for a wonderful time.

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge

Now from one excessive party to another God knows why I decided to go to Paris Hilton's party on Thursday at Novum in Santa Gertrudis, curiosity I guess. I arrived at the venue at 2am as I'd decided to swing by ‘Urban in Ibiza' at Atzaro first. Urban in Ibiza combines my three loves; art, fashion and music and showcases some of Ibiza's finest talent. I arrived here just in time to watch my pal Sasha Moon's catwalk collection which was a great success, well done Sash! The whole vibe was relaxed and cool, not as busy as its debut the year before, but a decent turnout nonetheless.

Now, back to one night with Paris! One word. Crap. Actually two. Cop out.
When I arrived Novum it had only been open a couple of hours and was supposed to go on till 6am, but I discovered Paris had already left. Word on the Ibiza cobbled street was she got paid 50k to turn up, have dinner; she stayed for one glass of champagne at the bar and had left by 1am... probably to rake in another 50k elsewhere! Observing the type of clientele the ‘Paris Hilton hosts' had attracted, well firstly not that many, but the ones that did show up made it look like a poor man's casting for The Only Way is Essex. Orange tan, scraggy hair extensions and hungry bums that kept eating away at the cheap lycra dresses and skirts... urgh!

Novum is an impressive size and markets itself as an outdoor lounge, bar and restaurant. I feel they have their work cut out filling the place as it's not exactly in a prime location but I hear they get some decent DJ's so perhaps I came on a bad night.

This week I'm getting to spend some quality time with my Dewaele friends aka 2 Many DJ's. As well as more shows in Ibiza they've got some exciting plans a foot and I'll be here to reveal all next week.
Until then.
Ibiza Gossip Girl x

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