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We Love Sundays @ Space - Reviews, Vids, Photos!

Almost at week 3 and we've got a head full of memories's what the early parties have looked, sounded and felt like.

First we'll pop over to the forums for the reputation-killing reviews that were so popular and well read last year.

We Love Opening - 13th June - Forum Reviews

by Alfonse

After a long cold winter in the UK we had been counting down the days for months to get back to Ibiza and out on the terrace with We Love…easily our favourite night on the island. Last year we were lucky enough to be there for Funkagenda's awesome set on the Sunset Terraza and so could not believe our luck he was playing the opening party.

After arriving at about 5.30 we were nicely surprised to see a queue forming and plenty of people already inside. My long term favourite island resident Jason Bye played a great warm up set starting with some nice deep house to get everyone in the mood before picking up the bpm's and generating lots of smiling faces as the dancefloor got full around 7ish.

Alfredo was up next and as I have said in the past I am really not a fan. The man is clearly an Ibizan institution and deserves to have a spot on the roster but how about up on the Premier Etage or in the El Salon where he could be more appreciated? Like lots of other Space fans we wait all year to spend a precious few hours dancing in the sunshine on the terrace and there are so many more new DJs who would kill to smash that floor and give everyone what they want. Unfortunately, Alfredo's eclectic sets just don't work on the Sunset Terraza and killed the vibe Jason Bye had built up.

We decided not to let it get to us down though and went upstairs onto the Premier Etage for a natter safe in the knowledge that Funkagenda would come on at 10pm (on the sunset terrace). Having raved about his set last year on the forums and telling everyone I could in Space how great it was going to be I was a bit nervous, however he absolutely SMASHED it once again.

The energy and enthusiasm he has behind the decks is just amazing! Combine this with the quality of the tunes and all the loops and acapellas he plays and it makes for an awesome clubbing experience. There were too many standout tunes to mention but my favourite aspect of his set has to be all the classic acapellas and snippets of tunes he throws in. He closed with the Chemicals Brothers Swoon track which was made for the terrace IMO before his remake of Rock the Casbah sent everyone away singing with the massive grins on their faces.

That is what the terrace is all about. Great tunes, happy people and good times. Long may it continue! I went up to have a chat with him at the end to say thank you and he comes across as a really nice guy. July 11th is his birthday and I'm already seeing if I can pull together some funds to make it out for it

by MacdonSJ

Back once again to the island, my spiritual home - or perhaps the home of lots of spirits i drink. Either way the night kicked off literally in a bar full of Germans. After meeting up with Grego, we swiftly entered the bar had a round and promptly left - maybe that was down to them going 4 up or was it more about getting into Space for Funkagenda.

Now Funkagenda is a DJ i have never heard play out live but after the rave reviews of last seasons dalliance with We Love... i wanted to check him out - does the hype seem justified?

Answer - ooooooooh Yes!

Funkagenda absolutely rocked the terrace (and the casbah too...later) in the style of the old original terrace before glass replaced mesh. His infectious enthusiasm moved through the considerable crowd and everyone was smiles, jumps and shapes. I would pity anyone following him on the sunset terrace so luckily he closed it!

Like watching a comedian live and trying to recant his jokes to someone else - remember tunes played in an atmosphere like that is difficult. Rock the Casbah being the obvious one to mention - totally brought the house down. If i was We Love.. I'd get this chap on a lucrative 5yr contract immediately - as many a Ibicenco club night will want Funkagenda on a Bosman.

In the main terraza, Layo and Bushwacka! were on - now i'm all for them, love their stuff but in company that were not as "muso" as myself, the opinion was that L & B! were not quite the "terrace vibe" - I actually had to agree. I've been to Space on sunday many times and seen some cracking acts either close the terrace or take over at the crucial point - Lawler, Groove Armada, Guetta, Morillo, 2manyDJs etc - some of those you might regard with a cut of cheese but all DJs listed played a blend of house that suited the terrace. It didn't quite seem to click like that for Layo & Bushwacka!

Of the other rooms, we spent some time in El Salon and just fleeting glimpses in the Discoteca & Caja Roja. The Discoteca was busy, whilst the Caja Roja was packed and full of arms in the air and intense moves - best i've ever seen that room.

The Black Rabbit boys were on a hiding to nothing in el Salon but they performed admirably for a background of tired clubbers, resting dance heroes and the off dancing fan. A good mixed of some more downbeat tracks and some tunes to just groove along to, it offered something different and didn't disappoint.

We Love Week 2 - 20th June - Video

More Week 1 and 2 Photos

Carl Craig (Discoteca)

James Zabiela (Terraza)

DJ Pierre (Discoteca)

Groove Armada (Terraza)

Burlington Project (Red Room / Caja Roja)


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