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Ibiza Rocks 2010: Buy Tickets Now!

Turn up, tune in, cop off, rock out (or something like that)!! The 2010 edition of Ibiza Rocks is now open for business.

Bang and the 2010 season is officially ready to go. The calendar has some additions to go in, as and when Ibiza Rocks fill in the blanks, but you can buy tickets for which ever dates you like right NOW!

All tickets also offer free entry to the Ibiza Rocks After Show, which takes place this year in Es Paradis. Last year's after-party, Reclaim the Dancefloor, continues at Eden but has been shifted to Wednesday night (more news on that soon).

We may as well make it clear now, you'll notice the The Prodigy and Dizzee Rascal parties aren't on sale as of yet. Due to the popularity of these parties, we only have a limited amount of tickets available for sale.

For information on The Prodigy and Dizzee Rascal parties, you need to subscribe to our eflyer (top right box on this page) from where we'll make an announcement soon.

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