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Step Forward: Funkagenda

What better way to introduce himself as our next Step Forward recommendation, than ripping up the Sunset Terrace for We Love's Opening this past Sunday.

Well Funkagenda follows on from Nick Curly and Joris Voorn as our next Step Forward Ibiza feature. We spoke to him briefly before last week's gig, which incidentally was immense - more reviews, photos, videos coming soon.

Spotlight: Your gig on the Sunset Terrace for We Love in 2009 was easily the most talked about individual set of last year on our messageboards, what the f*ck happened?

Funkagenda: Haha honestly I do not know. I mean the vibe in there was great, but honestly I just did what I do and it seemed to work. I wish I did know the magic formula cuz I am shitting it for this year! How am I gonna match THAT???

I know there will be a lot of happy readers thanks to the news of your 6 dates for We Love this summer, you must be made up with landing this gig?

Over the moon mate. When I was a kid dreaming of being a DJ one day, having a residency at Space was like the pinnacle of any DJs career. The magazines would always tell stories of how people like Lawler "owned" the Terrace. I guess I never really thought I would get a chance to do it myself... Now that I have I am gonna have to really step up!


If ever a party was worthy of the term legendary, Sundays at Space is.........have you been a Home/We Love regular down the years?

I haven't actually. I could never afford to come out here as I was unemployed and even homeless at points. In a way that upsets me because of all the stories I have heard about how legendary it was...
But then again, now I have nothing to compare my gigs to, so I am looking at the situation I have now and I am just focusing 100% on that.

The Sunset Terrace is about as close as you get to the atmosphere of the old Space Terrace, how is it different from playing a normal club room at 3 in the morning, what are the challenges?

Well as I said before I don't really know. I am just gonna do what I do and hopefully that is what made it work last year. My sound becomes a little funkier and techno in the summer and I think maybe that vibe is perfect for the terrace... We shall see eh? Hehe...

The End of Funkagenda's Set at We Love Opening 13.06.10

We Love as a party is almost unique in the variety of styles and atmospheres it offers, how do you feel being billed along side artists like Carl Craig or Derrick May?

One word: Honoured. These guys are real legends. They were creators and innovators, and without them none of us new breed producers would exist.

My facebook news feed is usually 60% funkagenda, 40% everyone're very active on twitter, is that just an aspect of being a modern DJ/artitst/person!?

I dunno. I was a little hesitant on Twitter to start with (REALLY????) but I guess it just struck a chord with me. The whole "one line bulletin" thing just seems to work. I have always got something to chirp about, wether its a particularly tasty muffin, a shockingly ugly dog or a startlingly inept barista. And the great thing is because I tweet about that stuff, and not always "Buy my record" or "Vote for Me" I think people treat me like more of a friend. That suits me!

Finally, here's your chance for a plug, tell us the essential info on Funkagenda releases, gossip, news, plans now.

Ok here goes... First up OBVIOUSLY you can catch me at We Love doing 6 dates closing the sunset terrace throughout the summer (check my myspace for dates). Then we have the impending launch of my new record label "Funk Farm" with the debut release ASTANA by yours truly. Then we have a track that myself and Dave Seaman (who is a TOTAL legend by the way) made earlier in the year, coming out on Toolroom in July.

Also in July its my birthday (11th) and I will be celebrating on the Space Terrace so bring party popper and streamers and whatever else you think will add to the vibes! Finally will be a new EP by Mark Knight and I which will surface much later in the summer, but I'll be road testing it at We Love very soon!

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