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Berlin's Berghain / Panorambar in Ibiza

Generally acknowledged as the best club in the world over the last few years, a little slice of Berlin will make its presence felt at Space on Friday June 25th.

We've all seen at first hand or, at least, heard the stories; the lottery like door policy, the blatant gay sex; the imposing facade; the loss of "time and space" as Radio Slave puts it; the intermittent opening of the shutters in Panorama Bar to let the sunlight stream in; the strictly enforced ban on cameras and of course, just about the best techno in the world.

Well, Friday 25th June sees the club's label arm, Ostgut Ton, host a party at Space featuring Berghain favs Marcel Dettmann, Steffi, Prosumer, Marcel Fengler and finally, Nick Hoppner, who also happens to be the Ostgut Label Manager. With Berghain-billed showcases few and far between, Space will be rightly make a big deal about this, in what is yet another solid statement of intent of where the Playa D'en Bossa club is heading music wise.

Berghain's cosy looking entrance

PB ressie Steffi was happy to answer a couple of questions over email, although just to make things a little tricky, anything related to the why and how in all of this was off limits. Understandably I guess, as it's almost inevitable that when it comes to Berghain/PB and its residents, the line of questioning leads to some sort of comparision or analyse of Berghain vs different clubs and as ultimately nothing really can compare to the Berlin temple, comments could easily come across as arrogance or clubland points scoring. Moving on.....

Spotlight: What do you know of Ibiza, have you ever played here before?

Steffi: I never played on Ibiza, the first thing that pops in my mind when I think about Ibiza is that Nico from Velvet Underground died there during a holiday in 1988, she got a stroke and fell off her bike.

What do you know of Space?

spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! that its big and drinks cost a fortune hahaha ;-)

How long have you been Panorama Bar resident?

I started to play there in the end of 2005, like every 3 months. I still lived in Amsterdam at that time and in 2007 I moved to Berlin become a resident and we play once or twice a month.

Describe Berghain to someone who has never been before?

It will kill you if you go too often :-)

Steffi's music in 2010 = ......

I think my sets are always very diverse, I don't stick to one style and that makes my sets differ from day to day. I have a big music collection that covers lots of genres and I like to use whatever I feel like playing! At the moment I am just finishing a 12 inch and then the big big work for my album on Ostgut beginning 2011! I feel RAW! yes......!!!

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