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Dub News June 2009 - What's on Where

hohoho, no tears for the creatures of the night... sounds cruel but is a truth, especially if you attended all openings and still had to go to work on monday :-)

what can i say, it looks and feels like this summer is not going to be as bad as previsted, as far as i know all openings fulfilled the expectations and people are once more up to enjoy our party island to the max, only our local authorities show their full presence anywhere they can, armed and dangerously looking, making clear they will not tolerate any alterations in whatever way while accessing public roads - what is basically okay, as long as the contenance is granted, ukwis.


Blu - in Figueretas

to name all openings would blow this brief review, the highlights were definitely privilege, boho, zoo project and space on the big scale, several beach locations such as delano, sands and ushuaia if you are into party-tanning and a brief preview of the 2009 setup from monza in blu celebrated on may 21st.

furthermore i attended the inofficial opening of underground where you could meet each and everybody, exchanging gossip of the whole winter season - great! by the way, the official opening of underground was on june 5th.

daisy heartbreakerthis leads us to what is there to come, apart from all the endless promoters that will open their doors in the big shots (check out the party-calendar:-)) there was an inofficial opening of meganite in blu on june 4th, sense in somni presented a 6-hours exclusive set by hofer66 on wednesday 3rd of june; and included in the ibiza rocks story that will ride a smaller scale this year due to the lack of the main sponsor we can expect daisy heartbreaker to introduce her high voltage project in eden this year, apart from the hotel the only location where ibiza rocks can be found this year.

another big news is the NOT opening of dc10, it looks like the doors are closed forever and circo loco has to find a new home as did former dc10 promoter mr.c and his superfreqs who found a new home in boho (ex-extasis in san antonio just opposite 'the egg').

last to mention is el divino who seems to hide this year as there is very little news about what is going on, looks like it will remain silent about this beautiful venue in the new harbour of ibiza...

you see, from now on there is definitely more to party as anyone can take, so choose very well where to go and opt for quality , best service and reasonable price, as this is the only way to educate the ones that still think people are stupid enough to pay anything for whatever they got offered. and...

please always remember the three D's:
Don't Drug and Drive, it is your responsability!

See you somewhere around, if you want to get in contact with me feel free to do so at or visit dub in the office next to the gasstation in san rafael, but make sure to call before you come (971198374), there might nobody be in 'cause we are out there making dub happen. goodbyeeeeeee!