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Tiesto still going strong in Ibiza

We were at Privilege again to catch up on some trance ... Tiesto style !

After checking out a couple of Tiesto´s previous parties in Ibiza this summer, and both times leaving slightly in awe, on Monday 11 August we took another look to see if much has changed.

Such is the popularity of Tiesto that filling out even a 10,000 capacity club like Privilege seems to be an easy feat – every week this summer has seen this club packed to the hilt.

On arriving tonight, it was clear that nothing had changed ... there was a large queue outside waiting to get in and on entering you were hit with the sheer scale of this party. It was rammed, it was hot and it was loud.

Tiesto at Privilege

But anything less at Privilege and you would be disappointed. Not since the heady days of Manumission (now at Amnesia) has there been a party here with such a buzz as Tiesto.

Looking over the crowd ahead of you as you enter, it´s almost overwhelming. The atmosphere is intense, with thousands of clubbers cheering and shouting Tiesto´s name.

Naturally, the music is typical Tiesto – hi-energy trance, progressive and even some house thrown in.

Tiesto at Privilege

And Privilege is a magnificent setting for a party like Tiesto, providing the space and surroundings where you can find yourself lost for an entire night.

Surprisingly, if you like to get in and amongst it (and we really do), then you can make your way to the front of the dancefloor and easily find room to dance. Sure enough, after a few minutes you will be sweating out the excesses ... but when it´s this good, who cares !

Providing a respite from the banging trance of the main room, we also spent a bit of time in the Music Box, where Electrik Playground have been hosting more of a house/electro party alternative. Tonight we spent a good hour in there, enjoying moments from D&G and Luke Pompey behind the decks, whilst enjoying the change of scenery.

Tiesto at Privilege

Ultimately of course, tonight is all about Tiesto ... and it´s been an incredible year for him in Ibiza so far.

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