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Tiesto opens up in style as he returns to Ibiza

We were there to witness the much anticipated return of Tiesto at Privilege.

It has been billed as one of the biggest parties of the summer, and on Monday 7 July Tiesto made his much anticipated return to Ibiza. It was a party that we just couldn´t miss.

Privilege is the perfect clubbing venue for hosting an event such as Tiesto – and filling the 10,000 club was never really in doubt.

Tiesto at PrivilegeEager to see if Tiesto could repeat his magic of last year, we headed down to Privilege early.

Tonight Tiesto was playing for a full 6 hours and was already behind the decks when we arrived shortly after 01:00.

And it wasn´t only Tiesto that had started early – Privilege was already full of clubbers and the atmosphere upon arrival was electric.

Seeing a bustling Privilege in full swing is really one of those Ibiza experiences that are to cherished, particularly if it´s your first visit !

With a mostly British clubbing contingent, the party crowd was most definitely loud and up for it. Of course, Tiesto has masses of fans all over the world such is his wide appeal, so his gigs often have a continental feel.

Tiesto at Privilege

True to form, Tiesto put on a show to remember. The music was loud and vibrant, mostly sticking to the trance for which Tiesto has made his name, but also introducing some house tunes that everyone could recognise.

But to put on a magical party at Privilege does require more than a big name dj and some good club music, and this is where a night with Tiesto really does make a difference to the rest.

Tiesto at Privilege

With an immense display standing behind the dj box, and reaching up right to the ceiling, the visuals that you are treated to are almost the highlight of the night.

Full moving images and pictures are beamed at you throughout the night, working hand-in-hand with the state-of-the-art laser display to put you in a trance-like state yourself – no cheesy pun intended !

For a first time visit to Privilege, Tiesto is a party that anyone could find overwhelming, such is the size and scale of the club and quality of the visuals. For the rest who have been to Privilege before, it´s a joy to see the club being used to it´s full potential.

Tiesto at Privilege

So Tiesto is back in Ibiza and after a successful opening, we´ll be looking forward to seeing what else this man has in store for us this summer.

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