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It's a late starter for the Space opening party

New laws in Ibiza mean no fiestas til noon.

It's the biggest party of the summer, at the best club in the world, with the biggest dj line-up of the year.

Every summer, 1'000's of smiley, happy people turn up for a clubbing bonanza, and rarely go home disappointed.

Space cadets

Of course, we're talking about the Space opening party and it's safe to say it's not one to miss.

But this year, you'll be able to enjoy a comfortable rest in bed before heading over to Playa D'en Bossa for the club season opener.

Due to new laws passed over recent months, all clubs – and bars – must now close for a 6-hour period between 6 am and 12 pm.

not a minute before noon

This isn't a huge change - clubs and bars have always had to officially close at 6 am but the difference is that now clubs can't open up again until midday, leaving many clubbers a little lost at the end of the night.

Will this be the end of the afterparty as we know it ?

Well, the authorities will be hoping so – hence the new law. They have already been flexing their muscles by fining Amnesia €28,000 for allowing their 2007 parties to run later than 6 am.

But in the grand scheme of things, everything will turn out just fine.'s all going to be ok

A small group of clubbers may notice the change but the rest of us are more likely to go home, get some rest and then hit the clubs in the early afternoon.

Certainly, fans of Circo Loco and We Love Space will know that the party doesn't really get started until then anyway.

And besides, for big events like the Space opening party, it gives us just a little more time to look our best !

We'll be bringing the confirmed DJ listings for the Space opening party as soon as they are confirmed, but in the meantime remember to check out our forums for all the latest announcements.

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