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A trip to Miss Moneypenny’s Ibiza

Another good year for Miss Moneypenny’s and Fashion TV at El Divino.

Miss Moneypenny´s has been holding some of the glammest and outrageous parties in Ibiza for several years now, building on the already successful club brand originating from Birmingham.

Hand in hand with Hed Kandi, this is one of the club nights that has continued to bring the clubbers to El Divino, in Ibiza Town.

Despite being the smallest super-club of the big Ibiza seven, El Divino is still a main attraction for those looking for a touch of class to accompany their party antics.

el Divino

And in a summer in Ibiza which has seen fewer tourists than recent years, this summer has seen yet another good year for Miss Moneypenny´s.

As last year, they have teamed up with Fashion TV, adding some more ´sex appeal´ to what is already quite a glam affair.

On Friday 29 August, we took the trip to El Divino to see how the party vibes were going down for ourselves.

Based on previous trips, we were expecting some good up-front house tunes and a good looking, fun crowd. And to our pleasure, it was business as usual.

Jim Shaft Ryan

But we weren´t really too surprised, with long-term resident Jim ´Shaft´ Ryan (above) at hand with the tunes, the dancefloor was always going to be busy. And despite a slow start, the dancefloor filled up nicely and the party atmosphere was not long in building.

And the music was good ... pure old sexy house music to be heard, nothing too hard or deep.

El Divino terrace

One of the joys of El Divino is the terrific outside terrace overlooking the marina, and we found ourselves flitting between this and the dancefloor tonight, giving us the chance to mingle with fellow clubbers.

All in all, a night at Moneypenny´s is still a great party in Ibiza, and on night which also offers Pete Tong´s Wonderland, Pure Pacha and Manumission, we´re happy to see it see it still going strong.

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