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A night at La Troya Ibiza

Just how good is La Troya at Space this season ?

After the recent chaos at La Troya, which saw the party host Baby Marcelo - the face of La Troya since 1992 - walk out on his long-running Wednesday night party at Space, we took a trip to see if the night had suffered at all.

La Troya is what you would call a gay-friendly event, a good time party that you can enjoy no matter where your preferences lie. And it´s always been good, very very good.

La Troya party time

With a music policy that brings you some of the best house music on the island - and we´re talking pure non-commercial house here - and an atmosphere more electric than the awesome Space sound-system, La Troya is a party that should be checked out by everyone.

Unfortunately, when we visited on Wednesday 10 September, because of the huge dispute between Baby Marcelo, La Troya and Space, it meant that we were denied the chance to watch one of the best and most popular resident dj´s of Ibiza, DJ Oliver, who also had left the event in protest.

La Troya terrace party

However, we were really pleased to see that in fact, the party still had the magic. The feel-good atmosphere was still there, the crowd were friendly and up-for-it ... and the music was awesome. No DJ Oliver of course, but on Wednesday Camilo Franco was at hand to get the crowd rocking.

With a huge stage set up in the middle of the terrace, tonight is just as much about great music as it is about watching a show.

And while this show may mostly involve watching a collection of priests, nuns and general bizarre characters dancing along a stage ... it was very fun !

All eyes will be on La Troya next year to see how they recover from the loss of Baby Marcelo and DJ Oliver, which are very big shoes to fill, but based on tonight´s party the future isn´t looking so bleak.

Well, we certainly hope that next year will see the return of La Troya and all it stands for ... a great, fun night out. With brilliant music and a few interesting characters to meet !

Party girls at La Troya

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