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It's business as usual for Carl Cox in Ibiza

It’s a Tuesday night and you’re at Space ... it doesn’t get much better than this.

As far as opening parties go – with the exception of the monster Space opening party – the fiesta that set Carl Cox off for the summer was one of the busiest yet.

A rampant Space dancefloor for Carl Cox

Such is the appeal of Carl Cox that he attracts clubbers of all nationalities, not just the Brits who know him so well from back home. So it comes as no surprise when you fill up a club like Space with these people that it´s going to go off !

And since the opening party on 8 July – which really was an amazing night featuring an inspired Green Velvet – every Tuesday night at Space has been the scene for some of the most electric parties.

Electric atmosphere at Space

The music here is tough, hard and not for the faint-hearted (especially inside the Discoteca). With Carl Cox (recently voted the best dj of the last 25 years) leading the way, this really is techno at its finest.

Carl CoxBut this event is so much more than just a techno night, as Cox´s special guests really do come from all musical genres.

And these guys are usually at the top of their game too.

For example, some full on drum´n´bass was recently dished up to another full Space dancefloor, by d´n´b pioneer DJ Marky ... and the crowd loved it.

Of course, this is Cox´s night – and seeing him behind the decks and stirring up the party is still a joy to watch. Judging by the constant cheers and whistles, there can´t be many people that can work the crowd as well as him.

Laurent Garnier coming to Carl Cox soon

Coming up on Tuesday 5 August is the one and only Laurent Garnier (above), followed by the excellent Plump DJ´s the next week.

Both of these parties are going to be big ... but to be honest, every week at Carl Cox leaves you wondering what hit you !

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