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Dirty animal sex music at the zoo

Release your animal instincts with The Zoo Project this summer

Every year in Ibiza there is a new and exciting clubbing concept – something bold, different and a little bit ‘out there’.

It's mating season in the jungle !So, true to form, and based on the parties held so far, we believe that The Zoo Project ought to be one of the hits of the season.

Located in an old, abandoned zoo – known as Galanight – and held during the day and night on Saturdays, this is one of the top options for daytime clubbing out here !

International club event organizers, Subsonic Soundsystem is the team behind The Zoo Project, in association with Safari (from Austria).

And we have to give them full marks for finding such a great clubbing location.

Dancing in the seal pit during the day is fun !

The two dance areas (the main one being the seal pit of course !) provide an ideal clubbing space, whilst there is plenty of room around the rest of the venue – which includes a large pool - for meeting new people or just to chill out if you feel like it.

Girls chilling by the poolSo the venue is great, but what about the music – and the crowd ?

Well, you’d struggle to find a wilder or more random crowd than here at the Zoo Project.

In fact, with many workers making this their regular Saturday thing you may find more wild animals here than at your local zoo !

A sign of a good party is where the crowd really get involved, so naturally you can expect to bump into people dressed as zebras, lions, monkeys and of course, the obligatory angry zoo keeper.

Not got time to get painted up with the rest of them ? Don’t worry, you can turn yourself into the wild animal of your choice there, with the help of an onsite face painter.

Painted ladies at the zoo

From a music point of view, you can expect an underground minimal-electro feeling to the whole event, but no matter where your clubbing tastes lie, the music really does add to the whole experience.

Dancing in the outdoor spaces of the zoo

Tickets for the Zoo Project event – which runs from 5pm till midnight – are 35 Euros on the door. However, a brief hunt for the official flyers will get you a discount of 10 Euros.

For 60 Euros, you can start the fun with the boat party, which runs from 4pm to 7pm and includes free food and drink, after which you’ll be taken by a free bus straight to the main event.

Tickets can be purchased from Pussycat Bar in San Antonio.

Zoo Project lineup