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Paul van Dyk speaks to Ibiza-Spotlight

We catch up with the World No. 1 DJ and also launch a pretty cool competition for Cream fans.

It's been another busy year for Paul van Dyk but, after talking to Ibiza-Spotlight last summer, we recently caught up with him again just before he took to the decks at Cream at Amnesia.

The famous Cream logo

Spotlight - What has been your highlight over the last year ?

Paul - My highlight of the year has been of all of it really. But if I have to choose, it would have to the Love Parade last year. It is now unfortunately no longer in Berlin, but there were 1.2 million people there just for the music and it was fantastic.

But really, I love every gig I play ! I’m very thankful and fortunate because I enjoy it so much. I’m thankful to the crowd especially because they give me so much energy and they love what I do.

Paul van DykSpotlight - How disappointed were you to miss the Cream opening party ?

Paul - I didn’t really understand the concept of closing the clubs (Amnesia) because other clubs were kept open where the illegal drugs were also being taken.

Maybe it is the system of the Spanish police but I was very disappointed the opening party was cancelled.

I was still on standby on that Thursday and only found out it was cancelled a few hours before.

Spotlight - Who are you looking forward to working with this summer ?

Paul - I’m looking forward to working with everybody. 98% of the dj circuit are all friends and the other 2 % do not play here (laughs).

The amazing crowd at Cream Amnesia

Spotlight - What do think the tune of the summer will be ?

Paul - The Anthem – it’s really picking up now. Or hopefully one of my tunes, a Vandit record. White Lies with Jessica from The Pussycat Dolls is a great tune and will hopefully be very big.

Spotlight - Is your new album completed ? When will it be released ?

Paul - Yes it is finished. It will be released on 21 August but I will playing stuff from the album throughout the season here. I don’t like labelling music but the album has an electronic background and my style has a pop / rock element.



Cream Ibiza have kindly given us some great Cream goodies, including key-rings, t-shirts and a signed cd from either Paul van Dyk or Eddie Halliwell !

Each week over the following 7 weeks – to match the remaining Cream Ibiza dates –you could be getting your hands on this fantastic prize.

All you have to do is purchase a ticket for Cream Ibiza and you will be short-listed into the competition.

Winners will be selected by random and notified by email.

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