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Zabiela and Fanciulli talk to Ibiza-Spotlight

We catch up with the duo behind One + One about their exciting back-to-back tour

James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli are two of the hottest young players in the electronic music scene right now, both maintaining a busy global schedule – including bi-weekly residencies at We Love Space on Sundays.


However, it’s together that they are currently making new waves, having launched a new project together under the name of One + One, with their debut cd prized by new and old fans alike.

Having performed a fantastic back-to-back session at We Love Space recently – leaving many clubbers floored – we caught up with James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli for a few words.

Spotlight - You launched your One + One project and cd earlier this year to some rave reviews. How has it been working out for you both since then ?

one + one album coverNic - It's been a really great tour for us. We spent the first month in America playing around 23 dates in 30 days. It's really cool having your mate travel with you.

James - It’s been fun, touring with someone else and not being on my own has been nice.

Spotlight - How well do you work together ?

Nic - Personally I think we work really well together. Our musical styles are slightly different when we play on our own, but when we play together it seems to meet up.

James - Yeah most of the time I think we work well together, the only thing that gets on Nic’s nerves is my lack of ability getting out of bed when we are on tour ! As far as dj’ing goes, because we have been going solidly for last few months we have got it working really well, our joint gigs feel as natural as solo ones now !

Spotlight - Do you have a long-term vision for One + One or is it more about having fun with what you're doing ?

Nic – Yeah, the whole point of doing the tour was about doing something fun. We both thought that the time was right to do the tour and the cd. We're not going to plan making the second cd just yet, we will just do it when we feel the time is right.

James - Initially it was about having some fun with a friend. Because it’s gone quite well I think we’ll give it a rest for a couple of years say and maybe dip back into it. Although that is all hypothetical – I should really ask Nic if he wants to first !

Nic Fanciulli (left) and James Zabiela (right)

Spotlight - We were at Space recently for your We Love Space back-to-back session, which was the highlight of the night. How often can we expect to see you guys together behind the decks this season ?

Nic - That's really cool of you...Cheers. We're both residents at Space this summer so we will be playing one more time together in September and four more times by ourselves.

James - Ah thanks ! The dates we did at Space both this year and last year were such a laugh and I think that comes across to the crowd, so I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming Ibiza dates.

Zabiela and Fanciulli live

Zabiela and Fanciulli will be returning to Space for their second One + One exclusive on 23 September.

Or you can catch them individually at Space during August and September – check out the full Space line-up here.

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