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Kissdafunk cd's up for grabs

Rob Tissera talks to Spotlight about the summer so far

These are exciting times for kissdafunk, the electrifying club night born in Leeds but now reaching out to clubbers all over the world.

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Despite only starting in 2004, kissdafunk have succeeded in building up a much-loved name in clubland – cherished by clubbers and dj’s alike.

Arguably, the biggest decision they’ve had to make to date was hosting a party in Ibiza, where they would be up against the biggest – and more established – names in dance.

However, their debut season at El Divino in Ibiza Town is so far proving to be a big hit - it seems the upbeat electro and house music, lively atmosphere and of course, sexy kissdafunk girls mix well together.

kissdafunk girls

Among the dj’s coming up this summer are The Trophy Twins, Kurd Maverick, Filthy Rich, Yousef, Henrik B, Tim Sheridan and Rob Tissera.

We caught up with kissdafunk co-founder, Rob Tissera to find out how their Ibiza experience has been so far…

Spotlight - The Ibiza season has well and truly begun, how has the first season at El Divino started for kissdafunk ?

Tissera - Absolutely brilliantly. The first four events have been amazing parties. So many people have come up to tell me it's the freshest new party they've seen in Ibiza for years so we're really delighted. We hope to build on that throughout the season.

rob tissera in actionSpotlight - Was it a nerve wracking or exciting transition moving from Kanya in 2006 to one of the Ibiza super-clubs this year ?

Tissera - It wasn't really nerve wracking as we've been planning it for so long and worked really hard for the past 4 to 6 months to make sure everything was in place.

We'd planned it better than anything else we've ever done so knew that we were well prepared. From the feedback we had before the season started also put our minds at rest.

Spotlight - What lies in the future for kissdafunk ?

Tissera - Continuing to expand the brand globally and throughout the UK. It's very rare these days that you get a 2,000 strong house crowd cheering and whooping like you do at Kissdafunk Leeds and so we're looking to expand this to a couple more locations in the UK.

kissdafunk album

Ibiza-Spotlight have got our hands on some copies of the latest kissdafunk compilation to give away to 5 lucky people.

The double cd – mixed by Rob Tissera and The Trophy Twins – captures the kissdafunk spirit and is an excellent addition to any clubber’s collection.

The competition will be open to everyone that purchases a ticket for kissdafunk via Ibiza-Spotlight over the next two weeks.

Competition ends Thursday 2 August. Winners will be picked at random and will be notified by email.

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