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Hed Kandi go for one more party

Good news for Hed Kandi fans as the funky house masters add an extra night.

It’s been yet another bumper summer for the Hed Kandi team at El Divino, where every Saturday night has seen a full house of expectant clubbers.

Hed Kandi = Beautiful girls

Now every party has to come to an end eventually but, when a party is so successful as Hed Kandi, it’s tough to finally close those doors.

The official closing party is scheduled for 22 September, but for all you Kandi boy and girls who need another fix of top funky house music, we bring news of an extra party date.

On Saturday 29 September a new, special closing party has been announced and another chance to party on down is presented to us.

And special it will be, as the official El Divino closing party takes place the night before – Friday 28 September !

A busy Hed Kandi dance floor at El Divino

For those late season visitors to Ibiza, this is a perfect opportunity to get some great clubbing action under your disco belts.

And also a chance to experience the fun and frolics of a Hed Kandi party without the bustling crowds of peak season.

So it will now be down to the HK crew to put on a classic party to finally see out the season in true Kandi style - and after 5 seasons in Ibiza, we know that the party is in safe hands here.

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