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Manumission is on: Friday July 21

Popular rock'n'sex concept ushered to the other end of the week, but in the same club.

Popular rock'n'sex concept ushered to the other end of the week, but in the same club.

The announcement on is a short one.

'MANUMISSION is pleased to announce that we will be opening our all new "Manumission presents" night on Friday 21st July.'



The news was realeased simultaneously by Pete Tong on the BBC's Radio 1. It's a scoop for the Tongster who has clearly decided he's comfortable with publicising a night that now competes with his own. It's a not necessarily a foolish move, if Ibiza 2006 is as big as predicted.

The effect of the announcement has been immediate - principally an enormous collective sigh of relief and anticipation has been breathed by all lovers of Manumission's popular brand of rock-laced perversity.

The closing party date is likely to be Friday September 22, making it a 10 week season. But Manumission are not forgoing their committment to San An - Radio 1's Zane Lowe will be broadcasting live from Bar M on Thursday August 10 from 9pm to 11pm local time. Unknown quantity Rockaoke debuts this Monday, June 12.

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While satisfying some yearning for information, there are still several questions to be answered.

How concerned are the promoters of the long-running Italian Made In Italy production and their Friday night hosts Amnesia?

How huge will the Friday July 21 Bar M Streets gig be if everybody's off to the 'Mish opening afterwards?

What will happen to Privilege's low calorie Manumission copy - Homeclub presents Punkabaret, scheduled for Monday nights - now that the full fat version is back on the clubber's menu?


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