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Streets Ahead: Ibiza Rocks @ Bar M

Chav poet Mike Skinner returns to the place that inspired 'Fit But You Know It'.

Most White Isle promoters would be crapping themselves if they were in the last week of May without a club to call home.

Heads would be rolling down office corridors. Staff would be deserting in droves. Resident djs would be considering offers from Eden.

The Manumission menagerie tho are seemingly unperturbed. Their negotiations with their venue of past years Privilege are unresolved but ongoing. They've been here before.

The 'Mish currently have no place to put the ten grand partygoers they know they can attract every week but they've been occupying themselves by building a stage at their base Bar M in San Antonio which has a capacity of one thousand at the very maximum - and even that's assuming fifteen per cent of the audience will be crowd surfing.

Baby shambles @ Bar M - 2005

Baby shambles @ Bar M - 2005

Cleverly they have booked acts which are likely to encourage the over excited response required. Here's the Ibiza Rocks line up so far:

Mike Skinner in Belgium from July 11 - We Are Scientists

Friday July 14 - Boy Kill Boy

Monday July 17 - Editors

Friday July 21 - The Streets Soundsystem

The first gig presents NY's geek rockers We Are Scientists whose hooky hymn to inaction 'The Great Escape' features the line 'I got a great idea, I'm gonna wait right here'. Fun and fast enough to dance to, WAS scores addtional rock'n'roll points for having the first version of the video banned due to its depiction of suicide as an option should a romantic date go awry.

Continuing the self destruction theme, apparently Boy Kill Boy lead singer Chris Peck spent three years years constantly pissed before getting himself together enough to get booked at the Leeds, Reading and T in the Park festivals in the UK, and Lollapalooza in the US.

Editors got hot last year and are looking to continue the momentum built up from jangly numbers like 'Bullets' and the equally succintly titled 'Blood'.

The last of those announced above are most visibly connected to Ibiza by the video for the worldwide hit 'Fit But You Know It' which chronicles a holiday encounter with a hot stranger quite possibly in the takeaway-lined avenues of San An. Creative force Mike Skinner (above, balcony diving) leads the Streets Sound System for their July 21 appearance.

More to announcements to come. Click here for details of their UK tour

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