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Tong's grasped Garnier firmly for Pure Pacha opening

It's the Laurie and Pete show!

Dancing music breaks down the barriers. In this happy international rave community it matters not that France just walloped England in the 6 Nations rugby tournament.

What matters is that Ibiza 2006 gets off to a start flying like a jubilant winger to the corner. The announcement of renowned French techno exponent Laurent Garnier to play the opening of the Pacha flagship Friday nighter is a coup d'état for Tong, BBC-run Radio 1's most lucrative export.

Last year Garnier played only once, again at Tong's behest, for the R1 10th birthday celebration at Space. That party has already gone down as one of the finest in the history of the Playa d'en Bossa institution, the upcoming event promises the same.

from by Laurent Garnier

from by Laurent Garnier

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