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Sweet Deal For El Divino

London housers Milk'n'2 Sugars open this Sunday (June 25) with Cassius, Todd Terry & CJ Mackintosh.

London housers Milk'n'2 Sugars open this Sunday (June 25) with Cassius, Todd Terry & CJ Mackintosh.

In 2005 Spanish club chain Penelope made a strong challenge for the attentions of glam clubbers desirous of a night out in the internationally famous hot spot of Ibiza Town. But their hopes have been dashed by licensing issues and a resurgent El Divino - the classy harbour-side nighterie just up the road.

El Div's Monday to Sunday line up is probably the best it's ever been - the Balearic People backed Playboy TV on Mondays, new guys Penetra on Tuesdays, Club Azuli on Wedesdays, Thursdays is reserved for Italian rockers Salvacion, Fridays for the long-standing Miss Moneypenny's, Saturdays Hed Kandi and for the first time high profile record label and party throwers Milk'n'2 Sugars dive into an Ibiza residency.

Todd Terry

The line up for their opening party this Sunday (June 25) is an attention-grabbing one - Todd Terry (above), CJ Mackintosh and Cassius are all accomplished djs and globally-recognised artists with chart hits on their production CVs.

Via email MN2S director Sharron Elkabas tells us "Todd Terry has been a hero of ours from our days partying to records like 'Bounce To the Beat' and 'Day in the Life'".

She says El Divino was chosen as "it’s a stunning venue and we also personally prefer partying in Ibiza Town. The club's capacity is perfect for what we're doing and they've just had an amazing new sound system installed so we'll have one of the best systems around."

Spotlight: Why Sunday?

Sharron: Sunday has always been a big night in Ibiza and we wanted do a weekend night as opposed to a weekday one. We’re offering an alternative to the more electronic side of things. Our policy is original NYC-influenced house and we know there is a good market for our sound on the island.

Spotlight: What are some of your hot tunes at the moment?

Sharron: As always there are so many but the big one for us is still Timmy Vegas and Barbara Tucker 'Dutty Funk' - out soon!

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