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Shot to Bits - Ibiza Town bar guide

Footballer Frank Lampard's choice of drinking den to numb the pain and others.

Promoter and celebrity-spotter Buckley delivers part two in Spotlight's "Get drunk on us" 2006 series.

The Rock

Spotlight began the less-than-arduous task of reviewing Ibiza Town's bustling pre-club bar scene at The Rock, fashionably positioned in the port's front row. With 16 years in the town - albeit not always at this exact location - The Rock's English owners have abundant experience in providing a true balearic experience.

Tim Sheridan @ the Rock - July 2006

Tim Sheridan @ the Rock - July 2006 (Photo: Buckley)

David Phillips @ Rock Bar - July 2006

things get a bit blurry for Buckley @ the Rock - July 2006

Resident here five nights a week, and at legendary superclub Space, David Phillips (above) provides a soundtrack with enough eclectism to stay true to that ideal. With the only significant indoor space to shake your thang on this strip, it's no surprise that we also encountered Tim Sheridan (above), Miss Moneypenny's Lee Garrick, Rob Marmot and last but not least that man of many hats, Vaughn, on our visit. Also seen here sometimes are Jon Carter, X-Press 2, Dave Beer and Sasha. Drinks prices were more reasonable than expected too, so it's a definite thumbs up for The Rock.

Cafe Mambo @ K-ube

Next up was Cafe Mambo @ K-ube, on the Calle Garijo strip. Djs often patronise several of these bars in a single night - we spied Rob Marmot tucking into some sushi with Mike Manumission. While there isn't a official pre-party there, the bar handles Manusmission's pre-sale tickets and both manager Alberto Ruiz and the sushi-scoffing promoter confirm a strong afilliaiton between the promotion and the bar. The sushi appears to be K-ube's unique selling point among the pre-club bars and while we'd already eaten, the food, prepared by Mayumi Fujimoto certainly looked delicious. Some nights you'll be able to catch Manumission resident Colin Peters on the decks here too, so the treats aren't just culinary.

Mambo @ Kube - July 2006

Mambo @ K-ube (Photo: Buckley, still wobbly)

Base Bar

Base Bar

Base Bar - July 2006 (Photo: Buckley)

Base Bar - July 2006

Base Bar (Photo: a presumably slightly hammered by now Buckley)

Base has been a favourite start to the evening for those who want to be seen for what seems like eons. Hosted by Jason Bull, many of his Es Vive Hotel guests can be found here, gearing up for a big night out. Lee Garrick's presence proves our club face bar-hopping rule and quick chat reveals that the Moneypenny's crew very much consider this bar a home from home. Hed Kandi hold their Saturday night pre-party here too, before their populist El Divino party. Ex-Kandi Hed honcho Mark Doyle's Fierce Angels provide the Friday night sounds this year.

Base Bar - July 2006

Jason Bull at your service @ Base Bar (Photo: Buckley, who has pulled himself together)

Space Bar S.A.V.O.Y.

Still on Calle Garijo, Space Bar S.A.V.O.Y. has another recognisable face among its clientele, this time from the sporting world. Preferring not to enquire about his penalty taking technique, we instead ask England and Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard his opinon of the bar. He responds to our enquiries with a simple 'Yeah, it's nice'. Thanks for that Frank. The colour scheme looks familar and after some cogs and pulleys start to move in the Spotlight's now slighty pickled brain, it becomes clear. It’s the same colours as Cafe Del Mar. There’s no music to speak of, but then we're close to 4am closing time.


Having been tempted into Tenesse by a PR offering 2 for 1 drinks and free shot, our first drinks arrive promptly at 4.25am, followed swiftly by the next and the bill. The bill reveals that drinks here are twice the price of those other bars close by, thus rendering the 'offer' a little less of a bargain. Still we have our drinks. Er, hang on a minute - do we have our drinks? No, we don't because less than ten minutes after selling them to us, they've been away because they bar is closing! Much debate with surly barstaff ensues before they are returned to us. Shortly later two other Tenesse staff appear and again take the drinks and our table away. Some reasoned debate elicits the generous offer of transferring our €24 round into paper cups for us. Don't call us...


Tenesse - July 2006 (Photo: Buckley)

Tenax Bar

The little sister to the club of the same name in Florence, Tenax is close to the junction between the Calle de la Virgen and Calle D'Alfonso XII. Its low ceilings and timber beams create a cosy atmosphere, but there's still room to move inside. Perhaps Tenax's best selling point is the outside seating on either side of a walkway which provides the perfect vantage point for some serious people-watching. This is the first call on the second leg of our our of duty and it transpires that had we made it here on our first leg, the previous Wednesday, we could have caught the pre-party for Azuli's night at El Divino. Earlier in the season Tenax hosted the Dusted/Electric Sex press launch for the season.

Tenax - July 2006

no pic of this district is complete without a fat Italian

(Photo: Buckley)


Dome - July 2006

Dome - July 2006

Dome - July 2006

Dome - July 2006 (Photo: Buckley)

Also Calle D'Alfonso II, Dome was just short of packed when we visited. Spotlight's gaydar suggested that there were people of most orientations in attendance. A chat with a couple of the more flamboyant patrons reveals that, again, Wednesday might have offered even more entertainment when the Home of La Troya PR team had been in attendance. The same information is relayed by the barstaff next door at Cheri - this part of town is crazy on a Wednesday night.


The Saturday hosts for the Hed Kandi pre-party and Miss Moneypenny's on Fridays, the night we stop in. The Moneypenny's crowd, including the weird wonderfulness of their parade, is in full effect. Despite MM's UK origins there's a very cosmopolitan crowd here, with Spain and Italy particularly well represented.

Es Vive

Not strictly an Ibiza Town bar our final stop was the Smirnoff Electric Cabaret Bar at Hotel Es Vive. A short cab ride from town Es Vive is our tip if you're not going clubbing but you still want drinks and tunes when the town bars chuck out at 4am or thereabouts. Also worthy noting is their Last Call party on a Monday night from 12 midnight with DJ Marco Loco plus guests, for those for whom the Space/DC10 marathon just isn’t enough!