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Pure Elation - Gatecrasher Ibiza review

Check the laser action from last Tuesday (June 27) at Eden.

What happens when you combine a UK super brand with an Ibiza super club, add a few thousand trance-loving clubbers and a superstar dj?

The answer is Gatecrasher Ibiza Live 2006 – a full-on night of uplifting trance and hands-in-the-air sensation.

Gatecrasher @ Eden - June 27, 2006 (Photo: Dan Gines)

Gatecrasher @ Eden - June 27, 2006 (Photo: Dan Gines)

Tuesday June 27 saw Dave Pearce (BBC Radio 1) headline a strong line up at Eden, including Riley & Durrant, JFK and Alex Ellinger. On the menu tonight; a good six hours of hi-energy Gatecrasher classics dished out with a side helping of eye-catching dancers, booming sound and a superb light show.

The evening started at the official Gatecrasher pre-party, held at the recently re-vamped Kanya Beach, where Riley & Durrant played an exclusive sunset mix supported by an enthralling fire display and sexy podium dancers.

The best was yet to come later on in the evening, or rather, in the early hours of the morning, as Eden starting filling up with enthusiastic clubbers eager to hit the dancefloor.

Dave Pearce @ Gatecrasher - June 27, 2006 (Photo: Dan Gines)By 2:30am, JFK was already playing to a packed crowd, dropping a thumping 'Café Del Mar' remix to the crowds delight, before handing over to Ibiza stalwart Dave Pearce (left).

From 3am onwards, Dave Pearce made the heaving dancefloor his own, often bringing the crowd to moments of pure elation. At times euphoric, at times simply loud, you couldn’t escape the pure energy that was being generated. Looking over the sea of hands raised high and watching the superb laser show as it created rolling images and patterns over the crowd, there were moments when you could feel the vibrations travel right through your body.

Such moments happened frequently, particularly when Pearce later dropped club anthem 'Silence' to the delight and screams of the adoring masses. This was one of those club moments when you find yourself breaking out into a huge smile and really appreciating life.

Gatecrasher @ Eden - June 27, 2006 (Photo: Dan Gines)

Gatecrasher @ Eden - June 27, 2006 (Photo: Dan Gines)

Tom Brown, Gatecrasher manager, commented "Gatecrasher Ibiza Live 2006 is the amalgamation of two of the UK’s best known clubbing brands, Gatecrasher and Dave Pearce. The best part of the night for me is hearing some of the biggest tunes of the past decade being hammered out on Eden’s newly upgraded sound system and then seeing the whole room just erupt into total euphoria”.

As I made my way out, I spoke to a group of rather hot and sweaty girls, who appeared to have been dancing to the tunes all night long. Wanting to get their reactions on the night, I asked them if they had enjoyed themselves.

Sarah, a leggy blonde from Manchester, said “It was wicked, I had so much fun in there and the music was so good. I know Gatecrasher from back home but tonight was amazing. We’ll definitely be back next week, we go home the next day but we don’t care!”

With strong competition from hard house masters, Tidy vs. Extreme Euphoria, across the road, it’s important for Gatecrasher Ibiza Live to create a vibrant club atmosphere to rival the best. Judging by the positive crowd reaction on Tuesday, things are looking good for Gatecrasher at Eden this summer.

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